Jennifer Aniston's Dog Gets Into a Cake Meant to Celebrate Her Beauty Brand's Second Anniversary

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Actress Jennifer Aniston recently celebrated the second anniversary of her beauty brand LolaVie. And what better way to celebrate than feasting on a delicious cake? Well, that's what she thought until something got into the cake.

She posted on her Instagram story the cake she ordered for the anniversary and wrote, "We were going to celebrate @lolavie's second birthday today BUT..."  In the next slide, she shares a picture of the culprit. Take a look at this YouTube video from user @actressclub3459 to see the photos and find out who is guilty.

Hey, who knew that celebrity pets misbehaved just like ours do?! In the photo Jennifer Aniston posted of the culprit, she wrote, "Someone got to the cake before we could." Well, can you blame the large dog for going after the cake? It looked too delicious to ignore. LOL! Next time she'll have to order an extra dog-friendly cake so this doesn't happen again.

The dog who was found guilty of eating the cake is named Lord Chesterfield. Although, we'd like to see some solid evidence before all the blame is put on him because, after all, she does have more than one dog. She's also a dog mom to Sophie, her Pit Bull, and Clyde, a Schnauzer mix.

This isn't the first time the actress's dogs have squeezed their way into places they shouldn't be. Last year, Lord Chesterfield and Clyde ended up taking over her workout in a hilarious video. They wanted to be part of the action while she was doing ab exercises and squats with a kettlebell. To us, that just shows how much her dogs love her.

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