Jennifer Aniston Shares the Fitness Essentials She Uses to Feel Her Best at 54

jennifer aniston
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Jennifer Aniston often discusses health and wellness. She’s been open about everything from her perspective on aging to her fitness routine. The latest update in the 54-year-old actress’s health journey? She’s hooked on a workout called Pvolve—and she’s making sure to share all the workout gear she swears by from the brand-meets-fitness-method, including the, P.ball, Precision Mat, and Gliders.

As it turns out, Aniston first discovered Pvolve after suffering a back injury in 2021, whereupon she fell in love with the low-impact fitness method that combines functional movement with resistance-based equipment. Fast forward to today and she’s officially announced a new partnership with the brand. “It is way more sustainable than any other workout that I have done,” Aniston recently told ELLE.

The Friends star noted that it’s very different from the “no pain, no gain” approach she had to fitness previously. “I used to torture myself,” she admitted. “I’d get up so early in the morning so I could get that hour of a workout in, and you would just be burnt out by the end of the day. And your body just doesn’t need to work that hard.” Now, she prefers the “low impact” method of Pvolve which involves being “very mindful of your movements.” “It was a game changer for me,” she said.

Specifically, Aniston’s favorite Pvolve equipment for her workouts includes the—a resistance band that’s attached to gloves—which she takes everywhere she goes, she told Vogue. “I have one in my car,” she said. “You can put that on and just move if you have a 5-minute break.”

The actress also likes working out with the floor gliders, a set of smooth-sliding discs that you place under your feet with the goal of “creating deeper muscle engagement,” according to the brand. “You almost feel like you’re dancing,” she said.

Aniston also swears by the brand’s P.ball, a durable ball that’s held in place by a heavy resistance band that you can use to tone muscles and engage the core. And the Precision Mat, a non-slip mat that provides the perfect surface for your workouts—and even acts as a map for your movement, thanks to precisely positioned markers. In fact, Aniston told PopSugar that she always has these two accessories—as well as the—tucked in her suitcase, so she’s ready to work out wherever she goes.

Aniston isn’t the only one loving Pvolve—tons of people rave about the workout method and the fitness gear, too. “I’ve been with Pvolve for 2 years now. Every time I use the, I feel the results the next day,” writes one reviewer on the brand’s website. “It’s a great little piece of equipment that is very efficient to work your upper body.”

“As a mom to nine, I’ve never imagined being able to reshape my body so dramatically without torturing it by running all the time,” notes another customer reviewing the P.ball. “I love the way the ball works and how you feel muscles working that you didn’t even know you had. Everything just lifts!!”

Clearly, this popular low-impact workout routine is working for Aniston. Pvolve offers a free 30-day home trial: All you have to do is order an equipment bundle from their site, choosing from either the Signature Bundle or the Total Transformation Bundle. Both options come with a set of equipment and membership access, which provides free streaming classes.

If you’re hoping to replicate Aniston’s fitness routine, once you’re a member, you can find the star’s favorite on-demand Pvolve workouts via a collection called “Jen’s Picks.”

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