Jennifer Aniston & Matt LeBlanc Used to Make Out in the ‘Friends’ Dressing Rooms, According to His Dad

Jason Pham

Oh. My. God. Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc used to make out in the Friends dressing rooms, according to Matt’s dad. In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Matt’s dad, Paul LeBlanc, claimed that his son and Jen used to kiss on the set of Friends while she was allegedly still married to her then-husband Brad Pitt. (Both Jen and Matt have denied the claims.)

“[Matt] got on good with Jen. They would make out in the dressing rooms. He told me about it—it was when she was married to Brad Pitt,” Paul claimed to OK!

Paul continued, “[Matt] was as good looking as anyone in Hollywood. But he isn’t going to age well. It’s the high life—I’ll see him with his gut hanging over his belt. He’s not...

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