Jennifer Aniston’s "goddess circle" ritual feels straight out of that episode of Friends

Today we learned that Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful, spiritual being who definitely has some sort of magical powers. The actress just revealed she takes part in “goddess circles” with her A-list friends before major life events, which sounds like magic to us.

In a new interview with The New York Times, the actress admitted she’s been doing this ritual for more than three decades and it involves the women sitting cross-legged on cushions as they pass around a stick decorated with feathers and charms to set their intentions. Interesting, right? Yes, especially because it sounds like a scene we’ve definitely seen on an episode of Friends.

In her profile, Aniston explained that the tradition is a celebration of how far she and her gal pals have come.

She said she performed the ritual before her weddings to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, as well as when her friends’ babies were born and when she and Theroux were forced to put down their beloved dog, Dolly, this summer.

However, the “goddess circle” for her 50th birthday was about embracing her age.


Though it’s unclear who partakes in this ritual, it’s safe to assume Aniston’s besties and co-stars, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, are involved.

After all, the “goddess circle” tradition sounds a lot like that Friends episode, “The One Where Eddie Won’t Go,” in which Monica and Phoebe introduce Rachel to a book called Be Your Own Windkeeper. In one scene, the women discuss how enlightened and powerful they felt after reading it.


If you need a refresher, check out clips from the Friends episode below:

Who else would very much like to be invited to Aniston’s next “goddess circle”?