Jenna Ortega shows her natural freckles in makeup-free selfie

Ever since Wednesday debuted on Netflix, we've been all about recreating Jenna Ortega's every move. And yes, while I do mean *that* infamous TikTok dance, she's also had us wanting to cut our hair into a shaggy wolf cut and dye it red – caszh, I know. However, today it's not just her locks we're loving but instead, her natural sunkissed freckles. Summer, WYA?

As one does, the star took to Instagram with what seems to be a makeup-free selfie. I mean, she is in a night dress, meaning we should all take this as a reminder to remove our makeup before bed!

See what I’m talking about below. Side note: swipe through to the third pic in the carousel as (if not at all obvious) the first two are not at all what we're spotlighting.

In the caption, Jenna writes: "Angel face and me" and TBH, I'd beg to differ as her bareface is giving us all the angelic vibes.

OK, so, 'how can we recreate this look with makeup?', I hear you ask. Well, our favourite product to do so is the Freck Faux Freckle Cosmetics Neutral pen, £17.

To apply, we advise using sparingly and with a light hand. Then blend and diffuse the pigment with your fingers for a natural finish.

That, or those of you who won the freckle genetic lottery, like Jenna, can bare all.

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