Jemima Kirke Says, "Nobody is a Jessa. They're all Hannahs!"

Jemima Kirke Golden Globes
Jemima Kirke Golden Globes

Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin. Photo: Getty Images

Tune in to Instagram, and you'll see Lena Dunham's latest post: A picture of the Girls cast with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and a caption that reads, "Jemima got so weird, we replaced her."

While the Veep actress would be an ah-mazing guest star, we'd like to stick with the original Jessa—so we grabbed her on the red carpet for a chat.

Yahoo Style: Let's start with the basics: What are you wearing?
Jemima Kirke: 
Rosie Assoulin. Check out my cape!

YS: Zosia Mamet told our readers to screw the Golden Globes and watch Girls tonight instead...
No, these are fun! I guess you could watch both if you DVR it. I don't want to make people choose.

YS: People have very strong feelings about Jessa. There's a theory she's a psychopath...
Oh! She's not a psychopath, no. She's got her coping mechanisms. She's got her way of dealing with the world, as everyone does, and hers is being free-spirited, flighty, and irresponsible. And destructive.


Photo: @lenadunham/Instagram

YS: Lena Dunham once said that fans come up to her and start talking about their sex lives. Does that happen to you?
No, they don't tell me anything! Fans don't ever talk to me.

YS: Why not?
Don't know. Are they scared?

YS: Probably just intimidated. Everyone's obsessed with your character. There are even women's magazines articles now, like, "Is your best friend a Jessa?"
People are always saying, "I'm a Jessa, I'm a Jessa." Let me tell you something, they're wrong. Nobody is a Jessa. They're all Hannahs and they don't want to admit it!

YS: You have a lot of tattoos. Which hurt the most?
All tattoos hurt. They're tattoos. It's a lie if they don't. But they don't hurt that much. I even did some of these [on my arms] myself!