Jelly screams bloody murder while being cooked

A viral video showing konjac jelly being

seared in a skillet may prove less than

appetizing for some viewers.

due to the pained “screams” emitted

by the product as it cooks.

In the clip, several pieces of jelly are

pressed against a hot pan, forcing the

air underneath the dense pieces out.

and emitting a high-pitched squeaking noise

that sounds like a “massacre” in the process.

The screaming almost sounds like

that of a young Mandrake as depicted

in the “Harry Potter” films.

Users were both fascinated

with and sufficiently creeped

out by the unique sound.

“Are we sure these aren’t demon eggs on

the verge of hatching,” one user wrote.

“So this is how they do that sound

in movies,” said another.

Konjac, a plant native to the subtropical and

tropical regions of eastern Asia, is primarily

known for its starchy root called “corm”.

It can be processed into multiple forms

used for different types of cooking,

according to Snack Fever.

Konjac flour, for example, can be

turned into noodles, while konjac

jelly can be used as a plant- based

substitute for gelatin.

The root can also be made into a soluble

fiber which can be taken as a dietary

supplement and may aid in weight loss,

according to Medical News Today