Jell-O is dropping 2 new pudding flavors for the first time in 5 years

Say “Jell-O” to the premiere gelatin and pudding brand’s newest flavors.

On April 23, Jell-O announced the introduction of two new refrigerated pudding flavors for the first time in more than five years: Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso — the latter happens to be the brand’s first fruit-forward pudding cup in its nearly 130-year history.

Here’s what to expect from the new pudding cups, both of which will be available nationwide starting in April:

  • Jell-O Churro Delicioso: This new Jell-O flavor is inspired by the booming popularity of churros, with actual cinnamon listed as one of its main ingredients.

  • Jell-O Mango Sabroso: As Jell-O’s first-ever fruit-forward refrigerated pudding cup, this flavor draws inspiration from “vibrant Hispanic flavors,” according to the brand.

The Kraft-Heinz-owned company says both Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso have zero sugar, like many of its other pudding flavors. Both come in individual packs of four, which Jell-O suggests is perfect for lunchboxes or quick at-home snacks.

The company notes these new flavors come on the heels of its 2023 rebrand, which saw a refreshed logo and packaging.

The brand’s logo has gone through numerous changes over the years, from its original Victorian design scheme to the simpler, bold typeface of today.

My Jell-O review

New Jell-O pudding flavors (Kraft Heinz)
New Jell-O pudding flavors (Kraft Heinz)

According to data by Statista, pudding consumption is on the rise with nearly 150.05 million Americans consuming pudding in 2020 and a projected increase to 152.86 million this year. As someone who is typically a non-pudding eater, I now count myself as part of that statistic.

I had the opportunity to try the new flavors for myself ahead of the announcement, and I have thoughts.

First up: Churro Delicioso. While it does accurately reflect the flavors of a churro, I felt myself daydreaming about the iconic texture this cup of pudding couldn’t provide — that fried, hot to the touch quality with its crunchy exterior. Obviously, this Jell-O snack can’t replicate that, but I found myself missing the feeling of getting cinnamon sugar all over my fingers while eating the long, fried stick (though, that may actually be a plus for people eating this on the go).

Next was the Mango Sabroso — the name means “tasty mango” in Spanish, in case you were wondering, and it’s actually an apt name. The snack has a creamy texture, and the flavor brings to mind mango nectar with a touch of not-too-sweet gummy mango candy. Lacking the tartness that mango yogurts have, this pudding allows the flavor of the fruit to shine quite nicely. It’s my favorite of the two.

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