Jeff Bezos Is Being Trolled After Paying Thousands for a $600 Bottle of Wine

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Jeff Bezos Was “Mega Ripped Off” by This $4K WineKarwai Tang - Getty Images

Jeff Bezos celebrated his engagement to Emmy Award-winning journalist Lauren Sánchez at La Petite Maison in Cannes, France, over the weekend. And because the man's a billionaire, he shelled out a casual $4,285 on a bottle of Dugat-Py Grand Cru wine from Domaine Bernard for the occasion.

The fact that Bezos dropped over $4,000 on a bottle of wine isn't the news. It's this: according to wine experts, this specific small batch red Burgundy goes for much, much less.

"Wine fact of the day: Bezos knows less than you and got mega ripped off in France," Parcelle Wine, a Lower East Side-based shop, wrote on Instagram.

According to The New York Post, that same Burgundy sold for just $647.29 at an auction on March 3, 2022. Oh, and that included a 20 percent buyer's premium.

"The wine, Chambertin, is from the fabled Chambertin vineyard in the Cote D’Or section in Burgundy. This vineyard is one of the most revered in the world," a North Fork wholesale wine expert told the outlet while noting that the producer, Dugat-Py, "makes about 220 bottles of it a year, about one barrel."

The internet did what the internet does best and trolled TF out of the Amazon founder as a result.

"LOL what did he think he was ordering, Rousseau Chambertin?" one user wrote on Instagram, to which Parcelle responded "Love is blind."

Another commenter chimed in on the convo, writing, "This explains Amazon’s shitty wine selection."

Bezos reportedly enjoyed his overpriced bottle of Burgundy in a vine-covered gazebo that looked out across the Mediterranean with his sister, Christina Bezos Poore, and her husband Steve Poore (yes, we get the irony of their name).

Considering the tech mogul's net worth, though, I don't think he's too bothered by about the $4k price tag.

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