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Jeannie Mai Jenkins shares her current obsessions, including her favorite hot sauce

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Producer and television personality Jeannie Mai Jenkins shares her current obsessions, from luxe skincare and her pregnancy must-have to her favorite hot sauce, on New in the Q.

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Video Transcript

JEANNIE MAI JENKINS: Hey, everybody. It's Jeannie Mai Jenkins here and I am sharing my obsessions with you on New in the Queue.

I am the air fryer queen. You can't talk to me about it. I don't care what your mama taught you. I reign supreme. And so the Ninja Foodi, what I love about it, is that it has two compartments so that you can heat up your chicken wings and your French fries and call it a day.

So everywhere that I'm in a kitchen, it could be my kitchen, it could be my friend's kitchen, I'm bringing my Yey Yey's chili garlic sauce. I keep one as a travel and then I keep one in my fridge. It's so delicious. It is my favorite accoutrement to every single dish I make.

The one thing I don't play about is my skin. And the Super Hydrator is my favorite moisturizer from U Beauty. I've never seen anything that just gives your face such a beautiful, dewy glow and finish, that stays on all through the night, all through the day. It just locks in and it's gorgeous. Even if my husband touches it, I'm like, no. This is mine. I'll give you a squirt. And you're good.

So my favorite thing to wear is anything from my collection, the Jeannie Mai Collection that's available at Macy's. I put together the most beautiful ensemble of tweed sets and knit loungewear and gorgeous jackets. Fun, fuzzy, warm, cozy, body hugging pieces that make you feel good about the way that you look.

I am six months pregnant, which is so crazy. One thing that I take with me everywhere, it's my baby doppler because just when I need a calming sound. Now it's become something meditative to me, to just listen to the sound of life. Thank you guys for joining me here on New in the Queue. Bye.