Jazz Up Bland Scrambled Eggs With A Dash Of Cinnamon

A plate of scrambled eggs
A plate of scrambled eggs - Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

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Scrambled eggs are a highly versatile breakfast and can be elevated with anything from a simple pat of butter to a healthy sprinkle of pepper jack cheese. Aside from the obvious additions, there are also many unexpected ingredients that go great with eggs. For instance, throw a dollop of cottage cheese into your eggs for some tang, or drizzle on hot sauce for a peppery edge. If you'd prefer a sweeter addition, consider adding a dash of cinnamon to your scramble.

Sweet ingredients are lifesavers for scrambled eggs, bringing balance to the naturally salty taste of this protein-rich dish. A dash of something sweet also emphasizes the savory flavors that are already present, so there are more benefits than one.

Many recipes featuring cinnamon use this ingredient to smooth out savory-heavy flavors and impart a more wholesome taste, and the spice offers those same benefits for scrambled eggs. Additionally, a dash of something sweet in a savory dish can give you the satisfaction you'd get from digging into something sugary without the energy crash that hits you after eating a plate of syrupy waffles or French toast.

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How To Add Sweetness To Savory Scrambled Eggs

A bowl of cinnamon
A bowl of cinnamon - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

To reap the benefits of this subtle spice, stir it into your egg mixture before cooking or sprinkle some on at the end for a nice powdered garnish -- or both. The amount you add is up to you, but it's best to start things off slowly by adding a small pinch of cinnamon. If the addition floats your boat, you can increase how much cinnamon you use from there. Always taste as you go.

Try adding ½ teaspoon of the spice per egg in your mixture, then lightly sprinkle more on top of the eggs after they have been scrambled. Then, pair these cinnamon eggs with a little bowl of fresh berries for more sweetness, or bring some balance to the mix with a side of bacon. Maple sausage would also be a great pairing here, reflecting the same sweet-savory combination as the eggs.

When it comes to the sides, the choice is up to you. Such is the beauty of a breakfast like scrambled eggs. However, if you want to discover more sweet ingredients to jazz up this classic breakfast, we've got you covered.

Other Sweet Ways To Switch Up Your Scramble

Ground nutmeg in spoon next to whole nutmeg
Ground nutmeg in spoon next to whole nutmeg - Annmell_sun/Shutterstock

If cinnamon doesn't work for you, plenty of other sweet additions can boost scrambled eggs -- and they offer the same positive effects. For example, nutmeg makes a good alternative. This would be a good choice for those who enjoy a fragrant, spicy edge in their scrambled eggs, as nutmeg is close in flavor to cinnamon. The same can be said for most other sweet baking spices, from floral cardamom to spicy ground ginger.

Other complementary sweet toppings for eggs could include maple syrup or honey. If you've ever had a little bit of pancake syrup make its way across the plate to douse your eggs -- and taken a bite anyway -- you already know what we're talking about. The round, caramelized flavor and gentle sweetness are just enough to keep things interesting.

Whatever you add any sweet ingredient to eggs is up to you, but these spices are often an underrated choice and make for a more well-rounded meal. If you haven't tried cinnamon -- or any other sweet stuff -- in your eggs yet, don't knock it until you do.

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