Former monk Jay Shetty reveals 4 ways to change your life right now

With much of the United States still living under stay-at-home orders, many have found themselves stressed, anxious and looking for ways to bide their time in quarantine.

Storyteller, podcast host and former monk Jay Shetty spoke to Yahoo Life and revealed 4 simple ways you can change your life right now without ever leaving your home.

“My outlook on the new ‘normal’ is recognizing that the only thing we can expect is uncertainty and change,” he says. “I think for the first time we’re all being exposed to that at the same time together.”

Storyteller, podcast host and former monk Jay Shetty (Credit: Steve Erle)
Storyteller, podcast host and former monk Jay Shetty (Credit: Steve Erle)

“Routine is the best way we can implement wellness into our lives,” Shetty says.

Shetty also says a great way to collect your thoughts is to keep a journal.

“If you’re not a writer and you don’t enjoy writing, I highly recommend voice noting it. It’s great to speak it out, to share it out, to articulate what you’re really feeling and going through,” he says. “Once you’ve done that for yourself, you can then share it with a friend or a family member because guess what? They’re probably going to have something that they want to share and get off their chest as well,” he adds.

Using what you love to help others is another way Shetty says you can find purpose.

“Your passion is something you do that makes you happy,” he says. “Your purpose is when you do something that makes others happy or helps other people.”

Self-isolation can also be a good time to learn something new.

“One of the things we’ve all been given is maybe a bit more time and a bit more space, and those two things allow a great opportunity for us to develop new habits,” he says.

“Waking up early or sleeping early—it may be learning a new instrument or learning a new skill or doing an online course,” Shetty suggests. “Learning is great for your mind and your brain. It keeps you healthy, it keeps you focused.”

For those feeling anxious about the future, Shetty has some words of wisdom.

“No matter what happens with ‘normal’ during that time we’ll all be able to get through whatever that new normal brings us,” he says.

Video produced by Kat Vasquez

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