This Jason Momoa Flick Is the #2 Movie on Netflix (& the Trailer Alone Will Send Chills up Your Spine) (PureWow)
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Braven follows a logging company owner named Joe Braven (Jason Momoa), who decides to spend some quality time with his father at a secluded cabin. But while there, they encounter a group of drug traffickers and discover that they've stashed heroin inside of their cabin. What results is an intense battle to protect their entire family—which is a lot more than the father-son duo bargained for.

Aside from starring as Joe, Momoa produced the film alongside Brian Mendoza, Molly Hassell and Mike Nilon. It was directed by Lin Oeding, and it also stars Garret Dillahunt, Stephen Lang, Jill Wagner and Brendan Fletcher.

Critics raved about the movie, which features a gripping plot and brilliant acting from Momoa, who shines as an action star. Lisa Cam from Time Out wrote, "If you've had a hard day and want to watch something to restore your sense of justice in this world, then Braven has all the boxes well and truly ticked." Critic Brent McKnight also said, "Jason Momoa chucking axes at baddies is always a welcome sight." Fair point.

Looks like we've found ourselves another movie to add to our queue.

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