Jason Kelce's Net Worth Is Truly Massive Thanks To His Eagles Contract

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Jason Kelce's Net Worth Is Truly Massive Tim Nwachukwu - Getty Images
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If Jason Kelce had $1 for every time he dropped Taylor Swift's name amid her romance with Travis Kelce, he'd truly be a millionaire. And actually, whoops, he already is.

While Jason doesn't have quite as much money sitting in the bank as his brother Travis, he's sitting on tens of millions thanks to being a professional NFL player/center for the Philadelphia Eagles—an extremely high-paying job that comes with some pretty major opportunities. Like, you know, a podcast everyone is suddenly obsessed with. Not to mention an entire documentary that's breaking records on Amazon Prime Video and a million lucrative endorsement deals. Let's dig in.

Jason is a millionaire—from his NFL salary alone.

Jason was drafted by the Eagles in 2011 and played so well that in 2014, he signed a six year contract extension worth $37.5 million. Then 2019 rolled around, and the Eagles announced Jason had signed another contract extension through 2021 which put him at $11 million per year. At this point, he was considered the league's highest-paid center—a pretty major achievement. As if this wasn't impressive enough, in 2021 Jason upped his contract again for a deal that paid $9 million guaranteed at signing (and "potentially" up to $12 million). He celebrated on Instagram—while also encouraging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

But there's more! In 2022, Jason extended his contract once more, this time for $14 million which again made him "the highest-paid center in the league." And he extended again for $14.25 million in 2023!!! Basically, the man is unstoppable.

Jason has (sooooo) many endorsements.

Too many to count, but he recently appeared in a Campbell’s Soup commercial with Travis and their mom Donna, and he also works with major brands like Old Spice and Tide. Actually, lemme just:

The income Jason earns from endorsements isn't known due to contracts being largely private, but he has a ton of brand deals so...we're thinking it's likely in the millions.

His New Heights podcast has seen some serious growth.

Jason Kelce and Tracis Kelce's New Heights podcast was popular even before Travis started dating Taylor Swift, but now it's shot to the being the number one show on Apple Podcasts, per Insider. And with more popularity comes more money, naturally.

It's hard to know exactly what the brothers pull in from their podcast (especially since the number is likely rising weekly), but back in 2022 Forbes noted that they were seeing 20 percent growth each week, and the podcast "commands up to 100 percent higher CPMs (the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page) than industry standard."

Jason likely made some major moula from the Kelce doc.

Kelce has officially become the most-watched documentary for Prime literally ever, according to Deadline. The amount Travis and Jason made for it isn't known, but let's hope they're getting streaming residuals.


What is Jason Kelce's total net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jason Kelce has a total net worth of $30 million. Not bad, and pretty sure this number is going to climb sky high thanks to the popularity of New Heights.

FYI, Jason also has some money tied up in real estate. He reportedly owns a property in Pennsylvania that he purchased for $680,000, and then bought 8 acres of land next door. He then dropped a couple million on a home in Sea Isle City and a place in Cleveland.

How does Jason's net worth compare to Travis'?

Travis has a net worth of $40 million, but that number should increase massively due to his endorsement potential being sky high thanks to the spotlight on his relationship with Taylor Swift!

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