Jason Kelce Eats Cereal Out of the Biggest Bowl We’ve Ever Seen

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Jason Kelce

As a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Kelce is probably on a strict diet to fuel his athletic endeavors. Reese's Puffs cereal may not exactly be part of his food plan, but fans are loving a video of Travis Kelce's older brother scarfing down the biggest bowl of cereal we've ever seen.

On Friday, Nov. 18, Jason's Underdog Apparel Instagram account posted a video featuring him testing out the new Big Game Party Bowl Set—a collaboration between Underdog Apparel, Keith Shore and Felt+Fat. The giant, green bowl includes a whimsical design featuring football players around the inside and an eagle in the center. (It also comes with a normal-sized bowl to set in the middle for dipping sauce.)

The video begins with Jason pouring what appears to be half a box of Reese's Puffs cereal in the massive bowl. After that, he empties nearly a quarter-gallon of milk, chuckles to himself and then starts munching away.

Another clip in the Instagram carousel shows Jason offering some to his daughter, Elliotte.

"You want some cereal?" he asks.

"No!" the 2-year-old says from off-camera.

"OK, you snooze, you lose," he says, continuing to eat the cereal. (Of course, the toddler changes her mind almost immediately afterward.)

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Folks in the comments were certainly entertained by Jason eating a massive bowl of cereal. One person advised, "Just pour the milk in the box at this point 😂."

Another Instagram user joked, "Unacceptable. It's okay to have 5 bowls of cereal. But one bowl that is 5 bowls is egregious."

"Sexiest man alive eating his cereal!" yet another person commented.

Although Instagram users were intrigued by the giant bowl, many were immediately deterred when they saw the price. "Why is it $225?!???!?? 😮" one person lamented.

Another wrote, "$225. In this economy? 🤣🤣🤣."

Meanwhile, the official Reese's Puffs Instagram chimed in, "Incredible taste in cereal, Jason 😎💯."

Still others criticized his cereal strategy.

One person wrote, "Too much milk, didn’t let the cereal absorb some of that moisture and soften up. Amateur cereal game 😂."

For Eagles fans, the Big Game Party Bowl Set is now available for pre-order for $225. (Or, you can just live vicariously through Jason.)

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