Jason Kelce’s Daughter Reacts to His Viral Shirtless Moment at the Chiefs Game

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Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce's shirtless moment at last night's Chiefs game caught the attention of more than just the onlookers in the stadium, enchanting fans at home with his antics throughout the night and maybe even scarring his own daughter.

The NFL star's second-born daughter Elliotte "Ellie" Kelce apparently had quite the reaction to seeing her dad broadcasted on the TV screen without a shirt, and the 36-year-old had no problem sharing her hilarious response with the world.

In a photo Jason uploaded to social media on Sunday, Jan. 21, the soon-to-be 3-year-old reportedly exclaimed, "Dads boobs are showing!" during the viral moment.

Fans quickly shared their thoughts in the replies, including jokes like, "Oh okay so when Jason Kelce does it everyone loves it but when I do it it’s 'time to go home,'” and "this guy is gonna give a speech at taylor swift’s wedding and that’s beautiful."

New Heights, the podcast co-hosted by Jason and his brother Travis Kelce, even got in on the fun, suggesting, "Put it in the louvre."

Despite being called out by one of the three daughters he shares with wife Kylie Kelce, Jason had nothing but love to share in regards to watching his younger bro and Kansas City tight end on the field.

"Buffalo is awesome, the energy is contagious," Jason shared in a statement posted alongside the picture. "Such an incredible experience!!"

Sunday night's Chiefs game against the Bills was incredible for not only Jason and his family, but fans in the crowd who went wild after spotting the Eagles center at the stadium in Western New York.

The Kelce brothers' podcast shared a clip of Jason’s appearance at the tailgate on X, quipping, "Jason Kelce: Man of the People."

While the moment was surely wholesome, it also marked a few firsts–one being the first time Jason and Kylie publicly hung out with Trav's girlfriend, pop superstar Taylor Swift, as well as one of the first candid sightings since Jason addressed the leak which claimed he would be retiring at the end of the season.

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