Jason Derulo is getting dragged for 'stealing' a song off from a teenage TikToker

Jason Derulo is sparking a wave of internet

outrage after being accused of “lifting”

his new song from a teenage musician.

The controversy began when the “Want You

To Want Me” singer, who in recent months has

become increasingly popular on TikTok.

shared a snippet of his new

song, called “Savage Love".

The track, teased by Derulo on May 10, features an

instrumental called “Laxed (Siren Beat),” which has

become one of TikTok’s most omnipresent sounds.

As of May 20, the beat has appeared in

more than 36 million videos on the platform.

“Laxed (Siren Beat)” isn’t

originally Derulo’s sound, though.

In fact, the instrumental was created by

Joshua Nanai, a 17-year-old Polynesian producer

from New Zealand, according to Newshub.

When Derulo first shared “Savage Love,” he gave no

credit to Nanai or his instrumental, Variety reported.

That decision led to a wave of social media backlash.

“It’s a really good song, but it wouldn’t be

a good song without the beat that was clearly

made by [Nanai],” one Twitter user wrote.

Others took the song as an act of cultural

appropriation, claiming Derulo also didn’t acknowledge the

instrumental’s importance as a piece of Polynesian culture.

Derulo ultimately credited Nanai for the

instrumental, but, as Variety notes, only in the

comments on his original TikTok sharing the track.

Additionally, Variety reports that,

as of now, Nanai has not been

compensated at all for the use of his music