January Jones, 43, Flaunts Her Killer Arms In A Red Swimsuit In A New IG Photo

  • It’s still hot, hot, hot in California—but January Jones isn’t letting that ruin her holiday cheer.

  • The 43-year-old Mad Men alum took to Instagram in a bright red swimsuit to beat the heat, captioning the post, “still gonna rep 🤶🏻 in this heat.”

  • Of course, it’s hard to ignore her totally toned bod in a suit like that—particularly her arms and legs. Lagree Pilates and Cardio Barre keep her super fit.

While cooler temperatures have officially hit many areas of the country, it’s apparently stinking hot in southern California—and January Jones isn’t letting it impact her holiday spirit.

She just posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing a red, low-cut swimsuit by the pool, pointing out that she’s “still gonna rep 🤶🏻 in this heat.” While the one-piece is gorgeous in its simplicity, the caption is hilarious—and it’s hard to miss the fact that January has accessorized the whole look with some seriously sculpted arms and legs.

And everyone was all about it in the comments: “Red my mind,” Shawn Pereira wrote. “I’ll take some coal thx,” director and podcaster Payne Lindsey said. “😍 @januaryjones,” model Asia Chow commented.

BTW: January also recently joked about wanting the weather to cool off, pointing out that she was totally working a fleece hoodie and jeans in 90-degree heat.

But how exactly did January get that fit? Well, the 43-year-old actress didn’t get those toned legs and arms by accident: She goes hard on exercise routines that are specially designed to give you next-level muscles.

“Two or three years ago I started doing barre classes and after that, I took regular private Pilates lessons,” the Mad Men alum previously told Shape. “I wanted to do something for my posture and core strength.”

January especially loves a type of Pilates called Lagree Pilates, which was developed by Sebastien Lagree—the man behind the megaformer machine. “I’ve been doing it two to four times a week for the past year now, and I’ve gained weight because I’ve put on muscle,” January said. “I’ve gone up a size in clothes, but I feel like I look better naked...there are 10 of us in the class, and I like having women on both sides of me to push me.”

January also told InStyle that she’s been into Cardio Barre, which combines traditional barre moves with non-stop movements to get and keep your HR up. “I feel better. I feel stronger. It’s muscle, obviously. I gained weight, but I feel tighter and more energetic, and exercising is legit,” she said. January pointed out that she’s also on a workout kick, noting that “the only other time I consistently exercised was when I did prenatal yoga.”

January focuses on a mostly organic diet, too, telling OK! magazine that it’s mostly because she’s concerned about what her son, Xander, eats. “No antibiotics or hormones in meats is really important to me, and so is eating sustainable fish,” she said. “I don’t want to be that annoying person in the restaurant who’s like, ‘Where’s the fish from?’ But I do it anyway!”

Now, where can I get that suit?

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