Janice Dickinson Recalls 'Iconic' Dinner Date With John F. Kennedy Jr.

Janice Dickinson made a wild confession related to a date she had with John F. Kennedy Jr.

The 68-year-old model took to TikTok to "celebrate" getting away with stealing a limo so she could make it in time for her date.

In the new video, Dickinson begins joyfully dancing in her casually cute outfit as a jaw-dropping admission appears on the screen.

"Me celebrating [Donald] Trump not being able to sue me because it's been over 10 years since I stole his limousine," Dickinson wrote.

The supermodel continued to share more details in the caption, recalling how she "was on a date with JFK Jr. 😂."

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Many fans were shocked at her statement and took to the comments in complete disbelief, with one fan writing, "Wait. WHAT??!"

"Janice you’ve got the most random yet amazing stories I love it," one fan wrote, while another exclaimed, "Ur an absolute ICON for thatttt."

"that's more of a flex than my nan's divorce settlement," another user quipped.

Back in April, Dickinson told the whole story about what led her to steal the limo in an interview with Queerty.

"I once stole [Donald] Trump's limousine without knowing it was his limousine," the America's Next Top Model alum told the outlet. "It was a snowstorm up in New York, a Nor'easter, they call it. There were no taxi cabs anywhere. I was sitting there in the cold for a couple hours trying to get a taxi, and there were none available."

She continued, "And so I just said, 'Come on, just get in this limo. I’ll just drive it a few blocks.'"

"I drove it a few blocks down the street, swerving, you know, making fishtails in the street. There was no one on the road. It was a real storm," she recalled. "So I remember this clearly because I was going there to meet John F. Kennedy Jr. for dinner. And I didn't want to miss that date, honey."

Dickinson later clarified that, at the time, she wasn't aware the limo belonged to Trump and didn't find out about it until the next day when it was written about in the tabloids–what a tale!

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