Jane Fonda Gifted Drew Barrymore a Vibrator, and People Are ... Buzzing

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  • Jane Fonda brought a surprising gift for Drew Barrymore during her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show: a vibrator.

  • In response to a question about her collection of "adult toys," Fonda revealed she had brought one especially for Barrymore.

  • Fonda was on the show alongside co-star Lily Tomlin to promote their new film, Moving On.

With Jane Fonda, you never know what you're going to get. After all, who else could make both Barbarella and Book Club? Who else could work with both Jean-Luc Godard and J-Lo? Tackle environmental issues at the United Nations and be surrounded by tackles in the recent hit 80 For Brady?

And while her recent appearance on The View was likely brought to your attention by a way-too-online aunt's Facebook post, we'd like to call your attention to a different morning show appearance Fonda made that has people talking.

Via Decider, Fonda and her Grace & Frankie co-star Lily Tomlin appeared on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show to promote their new film, Moving On. Barrymore, not one to shy away from topics bordering on TMI, posed a question to Fonda:

"Jane, you relax with, like, baths and meditations," she pointed out. "Is it true that there also might be an adult toy involved?"

Fonda, whose last morning show appearance caused such sputtering cable news fodder that a statement needed to be put out explaining what "hyperbole" is, understandably took her time to respond. So Tomlin jumped in with an emphatic, "Oh, there is."

"There’s my bed. There’s my dresser. And in the top dresser drawer, you would freak out if you saw what’s in there," Fonda said, prompting Barrymore to plead, "What is in there? I need some help, Jane. Can you help me?"

And as it turns out, Fonda could. Gifting Barrymore a yellow ribbon wrapped box, Fonda noted, "Specially for you, I have an adult toy." Barrymore promptly took the curved device from the box and held it up to her like like a phone, because prop comedy is just about the only thing you can do with something like that on daytime TV and not get fined by the FCC.

Just how Fonda wound up with so many vibrators that they fill her dresser drawers actually has to do with her most prominent pairing with Tomlin, Grace & Frankie. After a Season 3 storyline involving the duo launching an adult toy company aimed at older women, Fonda claimed, "For Christmas, everybody sent me vibrators."

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