Jane Fonda's Eyeshadow Trick Gives Her a Lifted, Youthful Look

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When you’re the queen of the workout video, 80 years old and
look as good as Jane Fonda, you can exercise your right (no pun intended) to be
persnickety about what foundation goes on your face. And, for Fonda, who has
been loyal to the same makeup artist, Shawnelle Prestidge for the last decade
when she’s settled in on the East Coast, the only formulation she entrusts her
peaches-and-cream complexion to are high-definition ones.

In a recent interview with The
, Prestidge gives it up and admits that Fonda favors highly pigmented HD foundation because it reflects light nicely. “You want something that has the highest level of
pigment because you can actually use less product to get an opaque effect.” While
layering is key here, Prestidge says that when it comes to more mature skin,
you don’t want to over-layer your product in the areas of the face where
movement is natural and unavoidable, like around the eyes and mouth.

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To get Fonda’s lashes extra-long, extra-dark and
lush, Prestidge always applies false lashes. “Jane uses Latisse and her lashes are so incredibly long that it is
a dream for artists to curl those like crazy. Fake lashes are actually shorter
than her natural lashes, but we sometimes add them for density.”

her mile-long lashes may be the perfect frame to her baby blue eyes, there’s
one technique that Prestidge does to make Fonda’s eyes look more awake and
lifted. She doesn’t apply shadow to the crease of the eye, but rather starts by
putting it in the middle of the area right under the orbital bone and brings it
out to the corners and up toward the bone. Another no-no: super shimmery white
shadow in the inner most corners of the eyes. Instead, a light shade of
concealer is used. 

Maybe if we all abide to these makeup commandments we can look at least half as good as Jane does!