Jamie Otis Responds to Body Shamer Who Commented About Her 'Lopsided' Breasts

Jamie Otis is calling out a body shamer who left a mean-spirited comment on one of her social media posts.

The Married at First Sight star, 30, saw that a woman left a comment on a recent Facebook video she shared making fun of her “lopsided” breasts: “I’m just trying to figure out what’s lopsided her boobs, her bra or her shirt... Woman, have some respect for yourself,” the commenter wrote.

Not only did Otis respond to the woman in a private message, but she hit back at her body shamer (without exposing her identity) in a lengthy blog post.

“I am a bit hormonal so please forgive me in advance for my brutal honesty on this topic,” the reality star, who is 18-weeks pregnant, wrote on her blog. “I guess I am a bit sensitive, too. I’ve been bullied and shamed before - it’s not fun. I used to be so insecure that I would just keep quiet and not say anything. It’s time people who are being bullied and shamed stand up for themselves.”

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Otis shared a screenshot of her messages with her body shamer and explains why she decided to stand up for herself.

“Maybe she didn’t realize that her comment was so hurtful and downright rude?” she wrote on her blog. “Maybe if I speak up, she won’t hurt another person by bullying and shaming them.”

However, the woman showed no remorse in her response, saying that the “world doesn’t need to see” her breasts and that Otis should be more modest.

“Her response to me literally left me speechless,” wrote Otis. “Instead of maybe apologizing and accepting that her words were hurtful, she went on to try to shame and bully me more. This is where I decided I should just stop. Some people live in their own little worlds and refuse to try to change for the better.”

Even though her exchange didn’t have the intended result, she decided to share the experience in hopes that maybe it will change someone else’s mind who has shamed others or been shamed themselves.

“My goal in sharing this experience is that any woman who stumbles across this post will just think about their comments before they post them,” she wrote. “Maybe we as women could go out of our way to build each other up instead of tear each other down. And if you’re reading this after being bullied or shamed, please know you are not alone. Don’t go hide in shame, but instead stand up to your bully.”

This article was originally published on PEOPLE.com