Jamie Otis says she's not feeling '100% body confident' after being called out over swimsuit video

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Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis is speaking openly about her "body issue demons" in a new Instagram post.

Currently enjoying a cross-country road trip with husband Doug Hehner and their two children, Otis first posted a lighthearted video of her family struggling to get a photo together while visiting Hot Springs, Ark. The video shows the former Bachelor contestant wearing bikini bottoms and a cropped top as she and her family splash next to a waterfall.

In an Instagram Story, the 35-year-old reality star added that she's "fully aware of the cellulite on my legs but I'm sharing anyway [because] I'm not letting lumps on my thighs dictate my worth."

She continued, "This body confidence mindset is a work in progress thing for me. [It] was easier when I just had a baby [because] of the 'I just had a baby' excuse. Now my baby is about to be 2 ... so it's been a weeee bit harder for me lately, [to be honest]. But I'm not giving up [because] deep down I know I'm more than what I think of myself. And I never want my daughter or son to have to deal [with] this type of negative self-talk so I'm gonna do my best to raise them differently."

(Screenshot: Jamie Otis Instagram Stories)
(Screenshot: Jamie Otis Instagram Stories) ((Screenshot: Jamie Otis Instagram Stories))

Hours later, Otis updated her post's caption after an Instagram follower messaged her privately to "call [her] out" over her posts, though it's unclear what that criticism exactly entailed. The comment prompted the mom of two to speak out about how she is not feeling "100% body confident."

"I didn't wanna 'go there' [with] this on here but since someone DM'd me to 'call me out,' no, I wasn't 100% 'body confident' here," she wrote. "And yes, I have been struggling a bit with my image. I'm not ashamed to say that publicly. I mean, if you grow up hearing skinny is pretty, the minute you gain weight you feel less beautiful."

Otis continued: "This type of mentality isn't going to change overnight for me or for anyone. Just because I post a picture of myself without mentioning anything doesn't mean I'm avoiding it or 'lying' ... I've always been super-honest about this. Anyway, figured I'd put the proof in the pudding by 'publicly' sharing this.

"If you're someone who deals with body issue demons (and people who constantly wanna 'call you out' about your image) — I FEEL for you!" she added.

Otis's updated post drew supportive comments from her followers.

"I think you look great!! I’d love to look like that!! Don’t listen to those people — we grew babies and some people gain weight with it!" read one comment.

"The way I see it ... unhappy people will always go out of their way to make other people uncomfortable," another fan wrote.

"Just keep living your life," a supporter added. "You’re doing great in representing us women in all ways."

Otis has had her fair share of keyboard critics. Earlier this month she responded to a body-shaming remark a commenter left on a shot of Hehner lifting her up at the beach.

"Just wanted to let ya know his back is just fine," Otis fired back after the troll poked fun at her weight. "Try lifting a woman up. You'll see it's actually easy and doesn't hurt at all."

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