James Holzhauer Called Out a “Horrifying” Tweet and ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Lost It

James Holzhauer Called Out a “Horrifying” Tweet and ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Lost It

There’s a reason Jeopardy! legends Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer get along so well. Apart from once sharing the stage with Alex Trebek and now cohosting their own quiz show, The Chase, the two TV personalities also have the same sense of humor. That said, when a joke doesn’t land, Holzhauer will be the first to call it out (we’ve seen this before), and Jennings is usually right there behind him.

On February 14, a fellow Jeopardy! fan shared a dozen custom Jeopardy! Valentine’s Day cards on Twitter. The red-and-pink designs featured puns related to Jeopardy! stars, including Jennings, Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, and Matt Amodio.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all the #Jeopardy fans! 💖 @KenJennings @BradRutter @James_Holzhauer @AmodioMatt,” the accompanying tweet read.

After spotting his punny Valentine’s Day card—which said, “Spending my Holz-hauers with you”—Holzhauer felt compelled to share his candid feelings about it. “This is genuinely horrifying,” he wrote in a retweet.

Unsurprisingly, when Holzhauer shared his thoughts on Twitter, Jennings saw it and within minutes admitted that he had to do a double take. “Alarmingly, I thought yours said ‘spreading’ and not ‘spending’ at first glance,” the Jeopardy! cohost tweeted back.

Over on the Jeopardy! fan’s Twitter account, they followed up their original batch of cards with additional ones for Jeopardy! stars Buzzy Cohen and Amy Schneider. In the end, the fan clarified that it was all just for fun. “Btw this is all just a joke 😂,” they tweeted. What’s more, they also loved the response from the Jeopardy! legends. “Ken and James, I am honoured,” the fan wrote.

The rest of the Jeopardy! fandom enjoyed watching everything unfold. “Winning the internet today for sure!” one person wrote. “I don’t know how I missed this but these cards are great 🙌,” a different follower said.

So, what do Holzhauer’s and Jennings’s ideal Valentine’s Day greeting cards look like anyway? That we don’t know, but Jennings did reveal that his plans for the holiday include watching the trivia show with great company. “It’s not Valentine’s Day if you’re not curled up in front of a warm fire listening to Johnny Gilbert with that special someone,” he wrote.

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