James Cameron Unveils Details Regarding His Unmade 'Spider-Man' Film

Legendary filmmaker James Cameron recently detailed his own visions of what he had in mind for a Spider-Man film. While the director has a long list of memorable movies in his repertoire, he was never able to secure the rights to Spider-Man.

In his book Tech Noir: The Art Of James Cameron, Cameron revealed that he was interested in securing the rights for the film before Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy first began in 2002. IndieWire reported that he called his version of the superhero film to be "the greatest movie I never made." In another interview, Cameron explained, "The first thing you've got to get your mind around is, it's not Spider-Man. He goes by Spider-Man, but he's not Spider-Man. He's Spider-Kid. He's Spider-High-School-Kid. He's kind of geeky and nobody notices him and he's socially unpopular and all that stuff." Cameron said that he wanted to bring a sense of "reality" to the storyline adding,

"Superheroes in general always came off as kind of fanciful to me, and I wanted to do something that would have been more in the vein of Terminator and Aliens, that you buy into the reality right away.

So you're in a real world, you're not in some mythical Gotham City or Superman and the Daily Planet and all that sort of thing, where it always felt very kind of metaphorical and fairytale-like."

He detailed that he thought his version of the story would be "a metaphor for puberty and all the changes to your body, your anxieties about society, about society’s expectations, your relationships with your gender of choice that you’re attracted to, all those things."

The newest film for the superhero, Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17.

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