This James Bond-inspired eco-friendly floating hotel is entirely solar-powered

Emerald Pellot

This solar-powered floating hotel suite aims to reimagine tourism. 

Anthénea is unsinkable, moveable and autonomous enough to control from a smartphone. Inspired by the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle designed it to look like the underwater Atlantis citadel in the film. 

“I was drawn to the story of this man who gives up everything to live under the sea and builds this octopus-shaped space that’s in contact with the flora and fauna of the ocean,” Ducancelle told the Hollywood Reporter.

The hotel suite looks like a sleek, white, floating saucer. Anthénea is 538-square-feet with three main living spaces. The first is a daytime area with lounge furniture, a wet bar and a sub-aquatic view. Next is a pop-up relaxation area big enough for 12 with a 360-degree rooftop solarium. Then there’s a nighttime space with a circular bed and bathtub. 

However, the luxury experience would not be complete without knowing you’ve got a smaller carbon footprint. 

“It’s a new way to live, a new concept of a habitat that is ecological. There is no gasoline, no electricity, no water,” Ducancelle told the Hollywood Reporter. “The Anthénea has its own energy. It’s luxury and comfort, while still being eco-friendly.”

The solar-powered pod is made of sustainable materials and is installed without damaging the marine ecosystem. Moreover, Anthénea is entirely self-sufficient so all waste is treated onboard except for clear water. 

Ducancelle’s overall goal is to make tourists feel more like explorers. Anthénea integrates the travel experience with nature without harming it and also eliminates tourism congestion. Because the pod can withstand rising sea levels and cataclysms it is pretty much climate-change proof too.

While it may set you back a cool $535,000, all your friends will think you’re agent 007. 

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