Jake Yanko Braves This Epic Handrail From The Top Ropes And Takes The Ride

Of all the clips I've seen at this place—each just as rad and respectful as the next—this is definitely one I've been waiting for. Pretty much everything always looks rad on this dreamy ramp, but there's no denying the heaviness of this grind.

From the top ropes, Jake Yanko blasts off and takes the ride. This is it!

It's basically a 20-stair handrail minus the stairs...and minus an Ollie (from flat) but that absolutely doesn't mean this isn't insane. You could argue it's even gnarlier, just because finding your speed and securing your balance is completely different when you're hitting it from an angle like that.

The rail was obviously put there for this exact reason, and I wonder who else has taken the same ride frontside and backside, but this is the first time I've seen someone do this and it got me fired up. And you can't deny how cool this trick looks, just in general.

Somewhere between dreams meeting reality; video games tricks and real life progression. Jake has been on a tear lately and his energy is infectious. The dude doesn't seem to miss and it's rad to see.

Video / @welcomeskateboards @jake_yanko @yambehar

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