Jaden Smith Evolves

Jaden Smith can’t describe his own sense of style but he does know a good look when he sees one.

“Batman is the best to do it, in my personal opinion,” says the 24-year old. “Everything about it. It’s useful, it’s tactical. It looks good. It’s everything that you want in a good outfit. You want to be able to use it. You want to be able to have things in the outfit that make you be able to do stuff that other people can’t necessarily do easily. It fits you. People look good and it never goes out of style.”

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Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has long been interested in fashion and grew up feeling uninspired by the selection offered to him. Mainly, “I couldn’t find any skirts for dudes that were really dope,” he says. The solution, naturally, was to create his own line. MSFTS was launched some 10 years ago (yes, when he was 14) and aims to offer skirts for dudes but also “educational, informational content on clothes,” and clothing that “was specifically trying to evolve humanity into a future version of humanity.”

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith in MSFTS

Men in skirts has become much more widely embraced by celebrities in recent years, with the likes of Brad Pitt and Oscar Isaac wearing them to red carpet events as of late. Smith says the more the merrier.

“I love being a pioneer in that space, because when we were trying to do it, it really was something that was seriously not typical, and it wasn’t looked at as being cool or anything,” he says. “And now that it is and there’s a bunch of other people doing it, that is great. That was the goal.”

His most recent MSFTS collection was heavily inspired by ancient Egypt. He’s fascinated by the idea of lost history and what it means to evolve, and that word — evolve — is something he mentions repeatedly when talking about his objectives.

“I want to give clothes that can really evolve people into the future and give a different message besides just looking good all the time. It’s bringing that conscious aspect into fashion and that’s the thing that we’re really bringing into it,” he says.

An example? His favorite from his recent collection, is “an Anti-Federalists reserve trench coat,” he says. The item, which features black-and-white photography screened onto it, is described on the brand’s site with the description “Gonna Pull Up Like A Corleone With The Trench” and retails for $735 — “And it looks just amazing,” Smith says.

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