Jada Pinkett Smith Swears By This $17 Drugstore Toner For Ageless Skin

Photo credit: Jada Pinkett Smith
Photo credit: Jada Pinkett Smith

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Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress (Jason's Lyric, Set It Off, and Girls Trip to name a few), mom (hi, Willow and Jaden), and, as you know, Will Smith's other half. But, it's her most recent venture as host of her Facebook talk show Red Table Talk that's made her a hot topic of the pop culture conversation in recent years. While audiences have been drawn to her intimate and memorable talks with the likes of Jordyn Woods, Ciara, and her husband, however, I've tuned in to see Jada's wrinkle-free, nearly perfect complexion. After watching several episodes of her show, it’s evident that it’s not just good lighting and camera angles that gives the 49-year-old her youthful appearance.

As an investor for the black-owned hair care company Carol’s Daughter, it’s no secret that skincare and haircare are important to Jada. Beauty is certainly a topic the star has examined on her talk show. Except, for Jada, beauty is more than just one’s outer appearance–it’s a manifestation that begins on the inside and grows as one nurtures their inner relationship. Yes, as with most good skin, there are some good genes involved (peep Jada with her mom and daughter below), but keep reading for some other ways she gets glowing from the inside out.

She uses a budget-friendly drugstore item to stay acne-free.

In an interview with The Today Show in 2018, Jada gushed about Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent saying, “it’s one of my favorite products. It is brilliant. I use the one that’s pink. The deep cleaning one. It pulls all the stuff out and it closes the pores as well. It’s awesome.”

But splurges when it comes to keeping her skin hydrated.

According to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s website, Jada swears by her Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules saying, “your face will radiate like you just got off a two-week spa vacation.” Hyaluronic acid, according to Jennifer MacGregor, M.D., of Union Square Laser Dermatology, is a natural compound found in the body that acts as a powerful humectant—a substance that retains or preserves moisture.

She doesn’t load her skin up with a lot of makeup.

“Even on makeup days, I try to go light," Jada told The Today Show. "I do a lot of steam on my skin. On days off, I use hardly anything. I try to give the skin a break. Less is more.”

But she always keeps a red lipstick on hand.

She also shared with The Today Show that she's a big fan of Fenty Beauty—particularly the lip products. “I love Fenty [by Rihanna]. I love her lip gloss. She has the best red and the best lip gloss on the market. She has a passion for makeup, obviously. I have the red lip in my purse. That’s my go-to.”

She doesn’t let negative thoughts get the best of her.

“I’ll write down something that I need to purify: Jada you’re ugly. If I feel like that—and I've felt that about myself a few times—I put it in a bowl and light it up. And it’s part of an action that lets go of that negative idea about myself. Then I replace it with a new narrative: Jada you’re beautiful! And it turns into a mantra,” Jada shared on one episode of Red Table Talk.

She not only inherited good genes from her mother, but good habits as well.

“My mother keeps such a youthful spirit. She’s young at heart. She takes really good care of herself. We both do. Eating well, exercising, drinking water. We’re both really on it,” she dished to The Today Show in 2018.

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