Jacob Elordi opens up about being 'bothered' by everyone talking about his body

After getting cast in Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth,” 23-year-old Jacob Elordi has been the object of many teens’ and tweens’ affection.

While he is grateful for the doors the movie opened, he’s also tired of everyone talking about his body rather than his acting skills.

“I ... got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body … it really f****** bothered me,” Elordi told Men’s Health.

While filming the first “Kissing Booth,”

Elordi says that he was in the gym working

out seven days a week, twice a day.

When Elordi was cast as Nate Jacobs on HBO’s “Euphoria,” he was able to abandon the gym — for his own mental health and also for Nate’s

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