Itzy Ritzy's Nursing Pillow Is Better Than a Boppy

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Photo credit: Itzy Ritzy
Photo credit: Itzy Ritzy

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Problem: Traditional nursing pillows wrap around Mom's midsection and keep babies horizontal while feeding this leads to acid reflux and so much spit-up. Secondarily, most nursing pillows don't support Mom's arm, which leads to neck, arm, and back pain.

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Solution: The Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss pillow isn't on most baby shower registry lists — but absolutely should be. A horizontal nursing pillow is fantastic when your kiddo is teeny-tiny. For all those feeding sessions in the weeks right after you give birth, when baby is barely awake, we still think you'll benefit from a support pillow like a Boppy. But once baby is more alert and starts experiencing spit-up from laying down while eating, it's time to elevate their head and make sure their esophagus is higher than their stomach, but not higher than their head. And that's why I love the Milk Boss.

Moms, you can now stop sacrificing your comfort for the comfort of your kid while they're eating. The Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss pillow has no latches, no straps. Just slip the pillow over your arm into the crook of your elbow on the side you want to feed your baby — and keep in mind this works for bottle-fed or breastfed babies! I like to position the bottom of the pillow on the arm of my recliner or rocking chair, the side of my couch, and even just on the mattress if I'm feeding him at night in my bed. It keeps me from cradling my kiddo and straining my arm, back, and neck to get him in the perfect position.

Photo credit: Itzy Ritzy
Photo credit: Itzy Ritzy

The benefits don't stop there! Once baby is done feeding, position him or her with their belly on the pillow for the ultimate burp assist. A little pressure on their tummy helps remove any gas that snuck its way in while they fed.

Honestly, after spending weeks piling up pillows to the proper height, holding up my baby to the perfect position for him (not for me), straining my arm and shoulder while doing so, and craning my neck downward to see my kid, the Milk Boss pillow from Itzy Ritzy saved me weeks of physical therapy, and I've seen a dramatic decrease in the baby’s spit-up. Win, win.

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