Italo Ferreira Surfs Freakishly Perfect Wavepool (Clip)

Do you remember where you were when you first saw Kelly Slater’s wavepool?

I do. Slumped on the couch. A sunny December day. Watching Adriano de Souza win his first (and only) World Title at Pipeline, officially changing the guard and ushering in the Brazilian Storm. But that first look at Kelly’s wave…man, that’s what I remember about that day. That chocolate-colored, utterly-perfect wave somewhere in California.

Well, since then, the world of wavepools has exploded with all different kinds in all different countries. But this clip of Italo Ferreira surfing the new pool at Boa Vista Village in Brazil – this brings back memories of that first clip from Kelly’s pool.

It’s cartoonishly perfect. Not a single drop of water out of place. The type of wave (and tube) that you draw in your notebook, whilst daydreaming, at school.

Boa Vista Village is located near São Paulo, Brazil. It's a hotel, property development, there's a golf course, etc. For the wavepool, they have PerfectSwell technology from American Wave Machines – the same tech seen at Waco Surf in Texas. The pool is six acres, which is twice the size as Waco. There’s a variety of different waves on the menu – one wave that offers not one, but two air sections, which is pretty much unheard of at other wavepools – and it can allegedly produce between 120-160 waves per hour.

Some are saying it’s the best wavepool in the world…at the moment.

One thing’s for sure, Italo loves it:


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