Iskra Lawrence celebrates her self-worth in new selfie contrasting 'what they see vs. what I know'

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Iskra Lawrence is urging fans to
Iskra Lawrence is urging fans to "celebrate those unseen parts of yourself'. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Iskra Lawrence's new selfie comes with an important message about self-worth.

On Sunday, the British model posted a shot of herself wearing a low-cut, curve-hugging black bodysuit with sheer panels. But to prove that she's more than just a pretty face, Lawrence added a second slide that features the same photo with roughly three dozen terms describing the unique individual she really is.

"Mother," "risk taker," "feminist" and "ED [eating disorder] warrior" are just a few ways the 31-year-old body acceptance advocate — who shares a son with partner Philip Payne — describes herself in the post.

In her caption, the model and entrepreneur explained why she wanted to celebrate her full self and contrast "what they see" — her posing seductively in a bodysuit — with "what I know," as in, the many facets of her life.

"I know I needed this reminder, to see all of the many parts that make me me," she wrote. "Not the things strangers see or judge me for on the internet. We are so much more than what a picture can showcase. because we are so much more than our bodies."

She went on to share how the camera can't capture the "greatest parts of us" — those unseen "superpowers" that make every person unique, whether it's being a true friend or, like Lawrence, an "ambitious," "generous" and "imperfect" woman who mentors others and supports her family.

"Our physical homes that hold our souls, energies, experiences and memories — those parts are the greatest parts of us," she continued. "The unseen parts that uplift others, spread kindness, create change, innovate, give you purpose. Don’t forget about all those invisible parts of you. Those are your superpowers, the ones that impact the world in a way that only you can.

"This is your reminder to celebrate those unseen parts of yourself. Some of mine are personality, some are achievements I’m proud of, some are the careers and roles I’m grateful for. What are yours?"

Lawrence, who ended her post with the hashtags #SelfLove, #SelfWorth, #BodyAcceptance, #SelfEsteem and #PositiveAffirmations, drew praise from fans who, in the words of one, "needed this reminder."

She has needed her own reminders, too. Though she's an outspoken advocate who never shies away from calling out retouching apps or toxic standards, the new mom recently admitted that she's struggled with the expectations surrounding motherhood as it relates to her work as a model.

"I swear becoming a mom comes with so much more guilt and self-doubt than I ever imagined," she shared in an Instagram post last month. "I've been a model for 18 years. Swim and lingerie modeling will always be my career — being comfortable shooting my body and confident in my sexuality has always been natural. But now — being a mom I feel this expectation to be fully clothed, change the way I pose and be careful of my 'image' every day."

She added, "being proud of my curves, comfortable shooting lingerie and swimwear and posting whatever I want doesn't mean I'm not a great mother."

"All the parts, past and present aren’t mutually exclusive. I can be all of me and so can you," she continued.

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