Who is Isabella Brazhnikova? The TikTok-famous artist is only 13 years old

A 13-year-old artist is taking the internet by storm with her hyperrealistic pastel paintings. Isabella Brazhnikova has the kind of prodigious talent that may cause some adults to have an existential crisis. The teenager hails from Auckland, New Zealand where her mother, Elena Esina, immigrated from Russia at age 13. Brazhnikova fell in love with animals at 2 years old. This inspired her to depict wildlife in drawings at age 4. She has 366,000 TikTok followers, 20,000 Instagram followers and 6,500 YouTube subscribers. According to Esina, by the time she was 10 years old, Brazhnikova's drawings were so advanced her teachers didn't believe she drew them. To prove them wrong, she started the YouTube channel "Draw with Isabella". Each video on the channel features Brazhnikova speed drawing a portrait. If you want an original Brazhnikova you've got to pay up. The 13-year-old takes commissions (when she's not too busy) on Instagram