Isa’s vision for their transformation makeover is a high-fantasy drag showgirl

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On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) gives Isa a high-fantasy drag makeover inspired by their Mexican roots and love of anime! Isa tells Thorgy that they love all things creative, from crocheting and sewing to singing, acting, and dancing. They are looking for a drag makeover that pays tribute to their Mexican heritage and “nerdy” interests.

“I am Mexican and so I am inspired by a lot of Latina women out there,” Isa tells Thorgy. “So [I want to be] a sexy Latina showgirl.” However, Isa also wants to pay tribute to her “nerdy roots,” and tells Thorgy she’d also like her makeover to be anime-inspired.

Thorgy tells Isa that she can’t wait to take on the challenge! “Today is going to be lots of work. It’s going to be amazing,” Thorgy says. “And drag is about having fun.”

To start, Thorgy heads over to stylist Elle LC to pick out the perfect outfit for Isa. “Isa is a crafter, a crocheter, and so born to be a queen, and also wants to be anime,” Thorgy tells Elle LC.

Elle LC quickly identifies the perfect dress for Isa. “Let’s go crazy electric green,” Elle LC says, pulling a sleeveless sequined green dress off the rack and holding it up for Thorgy to see. “This was made for Isa I think.”

“I think so too!” Thorgy replies. “I’m already seeing the head to toe, how it’s all going to be sculpted together.”

Then, Thorgy heads over to the hair and makeup station to check on Isa’s progress. She finds makeup artist Blue putting the final touches on Isa’s makeup. “I’m going for the whole yellow, neon green moment,” Blue explains, showing off Isa’s glittery green eye shadow. “They wanted anime [and] I’m like, ‘Let’s go bright!’”

With Isa’s makeup nearly done, there’s just one thing left to do: Choose a drag name! Fortunately, Isa already has one in mind. “A lot of deliberation happened, and I think we’ve settled on the name of Isa Doll,” they tell Thorgy.

“I love it,” Thorgy replies. “I love using my real name. It feels closer to the heart that way.”

After the final touches are put on Isa’s makeup, they are ready to hit the runway. Isa Doll makes their entrance, confidently strutting the runway and tossing their hair. They are wearing a vibrant green wig and sparkling jewelry for maximum glamor.

“I feel truly priceless right now,” Isa tells Thorgy. “I feel like I’m living my fantasy, like an extension of myself.”

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