This tool removed virtually all traces of my body hair, and it's $85 off

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Never pay for razors and shaving cream again. (Photo: QVC)
Never pay for razors and shaving cream again. (Photo: QVC)

Sure, summer might be over, but there'll still be plenty of opportunities to bare some skin in the coming months — and if you're just as sick of shaving as we are, it's time for a more permanent solution.

If you're a Very Hairy Person (VHP) like me, you've probably already looked into laser hair removal. Unlike other methods of hair removal, it's permanent and relatively painless. However, because it's an in-office procedure, lasering the hair on even a small area of your body (think armpits or your chin) can cost hundreds of dollars per session — and depending on the thickness of your hair and skin tone, it can take anywhere from six to upwards of ten sessions. That means you can pay over a thousand dollars just to never shave your armpits again — and if you want to do a large area, like your legs, it can cost double or triple that.

The SmoothSkin Bare Full-Body IPL Hair Removal Device is designed to operate just like the in-office treatments, minus the ridiculous cost. In fact, it's on sale for just $195, down from $279, and you can split your payments up into five installments of just $39. If you're a first-time QVC customer, you can get another $10 off with the promotional code OFFER. All told, you'll be spending less than the price of a single in-office session!

$195 $279 at QVC

The results speak for themselves. (Photo: QVC)
The results speak for themselves. (Photo: QVC)

The "IPL" in this product's name stands for its secret weapon: intense pulsed light. The SmoothSkin Bare Full-Body IPL Hair Removal Device is designed to prevent hair re-growth, and after several weekly sessions, the hair you're looking to get rid of will gone. Magic! It's absurdly easy to use, too: You just plug it in, place the device where you're looking to evaporate the hair, and press the flash button. That's it! Just make sure to shave first, so the laser can penetrate the follicle and your hair won't damage the machine.

Results don't take long, either: After four weekly uses, you should see a decrease in hair, and full results by 12 weeks. You can use the machine for touch-ups, too — there's no limit to how many pulses it can do.

Oh, and it's quick: It takes me less than two minutes on my underarms, and about 15 minutes on my legs. I saw results after about a month of consistent use, and now, with just under 12 weeks of weekly use, I have virtually no hair in my underarm area, plus I can now go a full week without feeling any leg hair regrowth. It's not coming in spiky, either — it re-emerges soft, downy, and nearly imperceptible.

It works best on those with naturally dark hair, and won't treat blonde, red, or gray hair. You can use it just about anywhere on your body — your bikini line, legs, underarms, even your face. (Just don't use it on male beard hair or your scalp.) It's totally painless (it just feels like a hot zap), but I would advise against using it on your tattoos, as when I accidentally swiped it on my ankle tat, it stung.

I've already recommended it to all my friends — in fact, one of my girlfriends comes by every week just to do her underarms. Sure, $195 is an investment, but just think of all the money you spent on razors and shaving cream, all the burns and nicks you've endured, and the absurd contortions you've bent yourself into so as to reach every bend and crevice. In other words: It pays for itself.

To learn more, check out QVC's tres informative in-house video.

$195 $279 at QVC

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