New iPad Pro models get a new rumoured release date

 IPad Pro M2 models.
IPad Pro M2 models.

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Although they've been rumoured to be announced in March, then April, it now seems Apple will host a launch event for its new iPads this May.

That will include new iPad Pro models with OLED displays.

Apple has been heavily rumoured to debut some new iPad Pro models this spring, but previous speculation that they would arrive in March is clearly unfounded. It doesn't even look like they'll be around in April, neither.

However, we won't have much longer to wait.

Apple expert and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has reported that he's heard the new iPad Pros will launch in early May this year, ahead of WWDC 2024 and with some fancy new features.

In particular, they'll apparently boast OLED displays, and this will bring to an end an 18-month gap without a refresh of Apple's best iPads.

Gurman reports that the new iPad Pros will run Apple's own impressive M3 chip, and will also work with new versions of both the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, for all-in-one functionality.

After all, that "Pro" label does indeed hinge on the idea that they're useable as work devices, not just expensive and luxurious leisure tablets.

It won't just be Pro models, though, as Gurman also expects a new version of the iPad Air to launch alongside them.

This device has been caught in an interesting no man's land after the arrival of Apple's own chips. It's more expensive than the standard iPad but has lacked a huge advantage over that cheaper model for a while.

Now, though, it'll be the way to get a larger-screened iPad without having to step all the way up to the iPad Pro, and might be pretty compelling as a result.

It'll apparently still have a 12.9-inch screen, but it isn't super clear which chip it'll bring (although the M3 would make the most sense, too).

These iPads were reportedly initially aiming for a March or April release, but Apple has had to pump the brakes slightly to finish working on various bits of software that will come with them, so we're instead looking at that May launch date.

This would seem them arrive shortly before WWDC, where there's a good chance Apple will showcase new features that will arrive when it next updates iPadOS, with artificial intelligence tools expected to be part of that suite.

The downside to all of this, of course, is that these new iPad Pro models are likely to cost an arm and a leg - it's already the most premium tablet in Apple's range, and that won't change.

Reports have also indicated that there could be relatively low production numbers of them at first, so pre-orders are likely to be in high demand.