Introducing Yahoo Fantasy Draft Together

Yahoo Fantasy experts Andy Behrens, Scott Pianowski, and Dalton Del Don take the new ‘Draft Together’ experience for a spin in a 10-team fantasy baseball draft. Check out this new feature with private league baseball drafts this season!

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Well, hey there. It's your friends at Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. We're here checking out the brand-new Draft Together experience. It is Scott Pianowski. It's Dalton Del Don, and myself, Andy Behrens, as well as a handful of other friends on the line here, as we get ready for a 10-team draft that just launched. We're all hanging out on this video chat together so we can give our thoughts on each other's picks and still see the player pool and draft together. We can see the regular chat, the rosters. This should be a lot of fun.

DALTON DEL DON: I think he's a different player. I think there's evidence that just-- number one, in spin rate. So I'm buying on--

ANDY BEHRENS: Now, wait a minute. Is spin rate a-- is spin rate a category here? Are we using spin--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: What round are you slotting Strasburg, and what week in May are you going to regret that pick? Or is it April? What are we doing with Strasburg?

ANDY BEHRENS: Which are the good ones? What are the good settings?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: What settings are making-- make a league Andy Behrens-proof?

He's making Jason Heyward scoring. Like, you get extra points if you ground out to second.

ANDY BEHRENS: Ouch. Why do have to drag Jason Heyward here? I didn't see that coming.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You're right. We're in the early rounds. I should be-- I should be bashing Kris Bryant. Jason Heyward's not till like Round 15.


So, Dalton, you are-- you are buying spring launch-angle stats, huh? Super-small spring sample.

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, I moved Vlad way up after that, yeah. No, I was in before that, but it's nice to see, for sure. Yeah, these-- some of this information matters, Andy.

This is a really cool setup, though. I like it. The video-- it's nice.

ANDY BEHRENS: I find it intimidating to-- to look directly into the steely eyes of a Dalton Del Don, number-two most-accurate fantasy ranker of 2020, as I actually draft a team.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You should be rattled by both of us. I was number six.

ANDY BEHRENS: Obviously, I'm on the downslope of my career right now. I can't keep winning--


ANDY BEHRENS: --at my advanced age.