Intimacy coordinator shares how she helps actors look naked on TV: 'A unique career'

An intimacy coordinator shared a behind-the-scenes look on TikTok at how certain TV and movie shots are achieved and talked about the importance of consent and comfort when it comes to filming sex scenes.

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Jessica Steinrock (@intimacycoordinator) is the CEO of Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, an organization that creates and provides training on safe and comfortable practices when it comes to actors performing intimate scenes — whether they involve simulated sex or nudity — for theater productions, live performances, TV and film. Steinrock has recently served as a consultant for Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, TNT’s Animal Kingdom and Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere.

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“Our Mission is to equip every institution and individual artist in the entertainment industry with the resources and education needed to create a culture of consent in which intimate stories can be told with safety and artistry,” the Intimacy Directors and Coordinators website reads.

In April, Steinrock started uploading videos to TikTok that talked about what her job as an intimacy coordinator is like. In one clip, she said that being an intimacy coordinator was similar to being a stunt coordinator, but for “spicy scenes.”

In another video, Steinrock answered common questions she gets, including confirming that sex scenes are choreographed. Steinrock also clarified that her position is not about censoring anything but about making sure the actors feel comfortable and that the scene actually looks good.

But her most popular video pulls back the curtain on how she helps actors look naked on television by using modesty garments.

“[This] is the garment that I probably use most of the time,” she said, holding up a piece of fabric, “which is essentially just a strapless thong.”

The garment is attached about 2 inches below the belly button with body tape and runs through to the back of the tailbone. Steinrock added that baby oil is also used to make removing the garment not feel like a mini waxing session.

“When it’s on, you really can’t see it when you’re in a side profile,” she explained.

In the comments section, she also added that this piece is specifically for actors with internal genitalia. For actors with external genitalia, a similar garment is used, but it has more room and flexibility.

Both pieces come in a wide range of colors and sizes and, according to Steinrock, are just two of the many types of modesty garments available.

“We have other tools that actually provide barriers so that we’re not actually touching anything we’re not supposed to be touching,” Steinrock continued.

“Fascinating! I’ve always wondered these things!” one commenter replied.

“This is beyond fascinating,” another said.

“I’m so interested [in] how you got into this?! Such a unique career,” someone wrote.

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