Internet reacts to Minnie Mouse's new look

Minnie Mouse has a new look but not everyone is happy about the makeover. To honor Disneyland Paris' 30th-anniversary Designer Stella McCartney created a brand new outfit for the iconic mouse, a blue and black polka-dotted pantsuit. While many are excited that Minnie is mixing things up. some people with ideas from the stone age balked at the idea of a fictional cartoon girl mouse wearing pants instead of a dress in 2022. "This new take on her signature polka dots makes Minnie Mouse a symbol of progress for a new generation," McCartney told People. Singer Maren Morris wrote, "Let Minnie Mouse wear a damn pantsuit," in a tweet. Morris shared a photo of herself rocking a green pantsuit. Others weren't mad about the idea of the pantsuit, so much as they just didn't think the pantsuit was worthy of the icon. "People are mad about Minnie Mouse wearing a pantsuit when we should really just be mad that it's ugly," @girlpowertbh wrote on Twitter

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