The Internet Reacts To GTA 6’s First Trailer

GTA 6 joyriding trailer

In case you missed it, somehow, Rockstar Games dropped the first GTA 6 trailer early, and basically set the internet on fire by doing so. It was intended to go live at 6am PT, but after the trailer was leaked in full, the company released the trailer itself, so fans could watch it without a weird cryptocurrency watermark over it on a dodgy Twitter account.

Naturally, people went wild for the trailer. It was a pretty good trailer, to be fair, and it certainly got us excited for GTA 6. And as with any big event that happens, especially in the gaming space, the internet did what it does best: pump out incredible posts and memes.

It’s hard to go more than five posts before finding something interesting or funny about the game, so we spent a lot of time scrolling to find some of the best reactions to the new GTA 6 trailer.

We’ll start off by saying that leaks absolutely suck for the people who work on these games and trailers. You might think that a trailer is “just marketing” so it shouldn’t matter if it gets out early, but there are real people, real artists, real developers working on these things, not just corporate fat cats. They want to be able to show off the thing they created in the best way possible, and 14 hours early with an ugly watermark over the top of it is not the best way possible.

Because of that, staff at Rockstar Games had a wide range of reactions to the leak and subsequent posting of the trailer.

To any Rockstar staff reading this: you did a bang up job, and it’s a bummer it turned out this way.

While there was panic among Rockstar staff, as you’d expect, some of us were panicking on the other side of the fence, too. We at GLHF had our own surprised reactions to the sudden release of the trailer, mostly because we were expecting it much much later and most of us were asleep. Here’s how that went:

Of course, once the trailer was out in the wild (for real this time), people started digging into it. Axios writer Stephen Totilo noted that the trailer for GTA 6 actually played out somewhat similarly to GTA 5’s own trailer, in a way that’s almost certainly intentional.

Others started looking to the backgrounds to find hilarious little details, like these signs and billboards noted by game designer Dan Hindes.

Famous internet meme account Can You Pet the Dog? was quick to the scene, and while it couldn’t confirm whether or not you could pet dogs in the game, it did spot a chihuahua running on the sand.

And that’s to say nothing of the Florida (sorry, Leonida) representation in the game, which as noted by Game Informer’s Marcus Stewart, was pretty spot on.

The Only in Dade page thought it didn’t go far enough, though, and put together a collection of clips that show what the real Miami is like.

Australia’s best journalist, the 16-year-old Leonardo Puglisi, had a bit of fun too, speculating as to which political party would be in power in Australia when GTA 6 released — an interesting one given an election is due in early 2025.

And of course, let’s pour one out for the games that were announced, released, or had trailers released. A Highland Song is one of those, with reviews and the game itself both live today, and it’s getting really great reviews right now. Just a bit of a shame it’s been a teensy bit overshadowed by the GTA 6 trailer.

GTA 6 won’t be released until 2025, and is due to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. A PC release has not been announced.

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