Internet Personality, 27, Hospitalized After Horse Falls on Top of Her at Ranch

Western TikToker Emmie Sperandeo, who is best known on the app as steadyrein, suffered scary injuries during a horse riding accident.

As reported by Arizona's Family (an affiliate of KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 News), the Arizona native is currently hospitalized after experiencing a traumatic head injury after her horse spun and fell on top of her.

"It hit hard enough that people from 100 yards away could hear the impact of her head on the ground," said her dad, Marino Sperandeo. He shared that the 27-year-old has been in the ICU for a week but is in the process of recovery and will be moved into the hospital's neurological ward, where she will receive extensive physical therapy. Marino also mentioned this accident comes a month after Emmie was thrown off a horse, where she suffered a concussion and broken finger.

The father also noted that he's concerned about his daughter's medical bills, as she is no longer under his insurance. "She's 27 now and since then she got dropped off my insurance probably less than a year ago. When that happened I don't know if she went out and got the Affordable Care Act or got Medicare or supplemental health insurance," he said.

Emmie's sister Natalie set up a GoFundMe page to pay the medical bills, where she also gave an update on Emmie's current condition and provided further details on the accident. The sister shared that Emmie was airlifted to a trauma center on May 15 after the horse fell on the TikToker while she was doing a cattle movement at a ranch she'd been working at.

Natalie also revealed that Emmie "sustained at least two skull fractures and is still bleeding from her ears" and will remain in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

"It's still early in this process, yet it's becoming clear that at best she's going to need months to recover to a satisfactory level. That's subject to change obviously. So if that's accurate we'll need to sort out where to best do that recovery. It's unlikely she'll be able to fly. Maybe not even drive for some time. All of those decisions will get made over the next week or two," the sister wrote.

After initially stating that Emmie was unconscious, Natalie gave an update days later with a photo of herself and her mom gathered around Emmie, with the influencer smiling on her hospital bed while holding stuffed an

Natalie also shared a photo of the family gathered around Emmie as she lay on her hospital bed with stuffed animals surrounding her.