Internet excitedly reacts to Meghan Markle engagement: '2017 can end now that we have a BLACK PRINCESS'

Prince Harry is getting married, and the world is atwitter — literally. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement Monday morning, and the public has taken to social media to share its mixed reactions.

The most expected one was devastation. People all over the world have been dreading the day their fairytale bubble burst, and it has finally arrived.

Let’s not forget, this is the man who many thought would be an eternal bachelor not long ago.

Of course, most people are thrilled for the happy couple, set to wed in spring 2018, when the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth to her third child with Harry’s brother, Prince William.

Many cannot help but celebrate the fact that he’s marrying a woman of mixed race, adding a little color to the royal family.

And for some reason, there were a lot of Beyoncé memes:

The most popular question raised was whether or not we’d get a day off work for the wedding.

In general, the memes created in response to their engagement have lived up to our expectations.