International Women’s Day: How You Can Reach Moms Across the Globe

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements made by women while recognizing the need for even greater equality worldwide. In that spirit, find out how you can connect with and help support women, mothers and girls across the globe.

While many of us work hard to help the communities around us, and support women and families nearby, it can be more challenging to figure out how to help women across the globe, many of whom are underrepresented and underserved. What better time than International Women’s Day to learn more about organizations doing this sort of work on a larger scale and find out how you can get involved?

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Global Moms Challenge: The United Nations Foundation has partnered up with Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF, Save the Children, and more to create the Global Moms Challenge, an organization that connects mothers here in the U.S. with moms all over the world. The organization connects you to the people and programs helping mothers worldwide, from “Peru to Pakistan,” with specific focus on health and happiness for both mothers and babies. You can sign up at the website to learn more and start hearing stories from mothers across the globe.

Make Mothers Matter: Formerly known as the World Movement of Mothers, this nonprofit was established in 1947. “When mothers are heard and respected, informed and supported, they become key partners,” its website states. “And as partners, they must be consulted and involved in development projects, particularly those that directly impact them and their families.” Through advocacy, network, and communication, MMM reaches over 10 million mothers worldwide, initiating laws and policies benefiting moms and families. Find out how to get involved here.

Every Mother Counts: Founded by model, activist, and mother Christy Turlington Burns, Every Mother Counts is a New York City-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer for every mother. From training birth attendants in Haiti to helping ensure safer deliveries for mothers in Tanzania, Every Mother Counts impacts women and children all over the world. There are many ways for you to connect and support the work of Every Mother Counts, from volunteering to becoming an advocate and even shopping! And, for the athletically inclined, Every Mother Counts has a thriving program centered on running/walking races to raise funds and awareness. Join Team EMC, and together, every mile you run can make a difference for moms around the world.

Christy Turlington and Team Every Mother Counts
Christy Turlington and Team Every Mother Counts

Image: Every Mother Counts

Global Fund for Women: A better world for women is a better world for moms: period. Driven by the critical need for more resources for women’s rights movements around the world, the Global Fund for Women was founded in 1987 to financially support these organizations working towards gender justice globally.

Since its inception, the Global Fund for Women has awarded over 12,000 grants to more than 5,000 women-led organizations and gender justice groups across 176 countries, jump-started the work of over 220 organizations by providing seed funding in their first year, and empowered feminist movements and grassroots activists to achieve remarkable feats — including bringing an end to civil wars, electing female presidents, and securing new laws that protect millions of people. You can support their good works by donating, promoting on social media, doing peer-to-peer fundraising, or buying merch from their shop: find all the ways to help here.

Women for Women International: For over 20 years, Women for Women International has been working with women in countries affected by war and conflict. By providing them with support, tools and the access to life-changing skills, Women for Women International has been able to help hundreds of thousands of women leave lives of poverty and crisis to ones filled with stability and economic self-sufficiency. Like many of these organizations, there are many ways to get involved from monetary donations to sharing your story.

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