What is the ‘internal shower’ drink on TikTok? Is it safe?

TikTokers are obsessed with this so-called gut-detoxing health drink. But experts warn it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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People are calling it the “internal shower” hack. It’s a cocktail that includes chia seeds and lemon, and it’s supposed to relieve constipation, clear toxins and boost metabolism. However, the viral drink might actually do more harm to your stomach than good.

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What is the “internal shower” hack?

As demonstrated by @jacvanek, the “internal shower” hack is a drink consisting of a glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of chia seeds and the juice of a whole lemon.

To create the beverage, blend the ingredients, then wait 15 minutes. The high-fiber chia seeds will expand and congeal into a gel-like texture. Once it’s the correct consistency, consume the drink and wait until you have a bowel movement.

TikTokers can’t seem to stop singing the praises of the drink’s effectiveness, and the hashtag #internalshower currently has over 43.8 million views.

Is the “internal shower” hack safe?

Nutritionist and founder of The Farmassis Irina Gamagina spoke with woman&home about the issue. She explained that while chia seeds can help “stool pass smoothly through the body,” they can also cause other problems.

“Eating too many chia seeds daily can do more harm for your digestive tract than good, causing even more bloating, stomach pain and discomfort,” Gamagina explained. “As they swell up when in contact [with] water, they are also a choking hazard to all ages!”

The nutritionist instead recommended drinking lemon water before meals to aid in digestion.

“The citric acid found in lemons boosts gastric acid, which helps your body break down and digest food,” Gamagina said.

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