Interior Designer Shares Client’s Controversial Choice for More Bathroom Storage

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A bathroom can either be your impersonal, functional corner or your idyllic spa to unwind after a hard day's work. But when torn between taking a languid soak and having more room for linens and soaps, what would you choose?

An interior designer shows this transformation, where a client opted for the controversial decision to remove their bathtub simply to have more storage space. While many can't fathom this bathroom blasphemy, others might see it as a result of wise space utilization. So, let's dive into this bold move.

To set the scene, the client's bathroom was originally boasting a sizeable bathtub that extremely limited their storage options. They happened to be more of a 'gung-ho about showers' kind of person, making the bathtub more of an area-consuming monolith than a relaxation magnet.

Together with their designer, they started contemplating a radical move: "What if we got rid of this bathtub?" Echoing many of our readers, who often grapple with the storage vs. aesthetics debate, the designer understood his client's request.

Subtracting the bathtub resulted in a roomy bathroom layout with ample space for a standalone shower, double sink, and importantly, significant storage options. The bathroom became more ergonomic and neatly organized. And the client could store bath linens, grooming essentials, and even find a place for those 'just in case' items without shoving things haphazardly under the sink.

The designer completed the transformation with sophisticated, on-trend finishes, making every square foot count. The result? A practical, streamlined bathroom providing high functionality, catering perfectly to their client's needs.

As we deconstruct this controversial bathroom transformation, we find a golden nugget of wisdom: Our homes, our spaces, are incredibly personal. We encourage you to tailor your choice to your lifestyle and necessities. After all, an immaculate guest-ready bathroom may be Instagram-worthy, but practical spaces make living comfortable.

It's time we remember that our homes are not about what's mainstream but rather, what works for us. Whether you choose to say 'goodbye bathtub, hello storage', or you prefer luxurious hot baths, remember your home, your rules!

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