InStyle On: Gossip Girl Fashion Round Table

With news of the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, along with continued interest in the series thanks to streaming and also because InStyle editors love the series too, we're taking a look at the impact that Gossip Girl had on pop culture and fashion.

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ALYSSA HARDY: Hey, Upper East Siders.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: Hey, Upper East Siders.

CHRISTOPHER LUU: Hey, Upper East Siders.

ALYSSA HARDY: It's that time of year again.

CHRISTOPHER LUU: Spotted, Lonely Boy.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: There's nothing "Gossip Girl" loves more than a surprise. And "InStyle" has a three-for-one special.


So we all know that "Gossip Girl" is famous for its teenage drama storylines, but we also loved the fashion week-to-week. Obviously, very iconic. I'm wearing a Blair-inspired headband today. Alyssa, I see you have your Serena tie on. And Chris, I see you have Chuck-kind-of-inspired scarf look happening. So, how are you guys doing?

CHRISTOPHER LUU: So, let's just start by saying, as someone has gone to private school their entire lives, this would be allowed, but Serena's tie would not be allowed.

ALYSSA HARDY: That is true. I also went to Catholic school and the tie was not allowed, but that's why I was so envious of all the looks; because Jenny had her fishnet tights, Serena had her scarf, Blair had her headband. And you just couldn't dress it up like that in real life.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: They were all wealthy. They had a lot of money and they could do that. They were afforded that opportunity to do that at that private school.

ALYSSA HARDY: Right. It was a unique type of private school, for sure.

CHRISTOPHER LUU: There was very little learning going on at school, but a lot of fashion.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: So let's talk about the fashion and get into some of our favorite looks. I personally love Blair and her classic style. She does a lot of dream sequences with Audrey Hepburn, who's the ultimate fashion icon for me. Very dainty, cute style.

But I also really love Jenny. I guess, early Jenny was inspired probably by Blair, but I loved her little berets and her pink tights. And she did a lot of cute things to her uniform. But I know Alyssa you really like later Jenny's style.

ALYSSA HARDY: Yeah. I think it's a controversial opinion, because later Jenny's character is not always the best. But I love when Jenny sort of rebels after she leaves Eleanor's design, and that gets all messed up. And she kind of starts wearing fishnet tights with patterns on them and her skirts are super short, like unbelievably short, because her legs are so long.

And she's wearing lots of metal. And she's wearing leather jackets and weird knit caps. And I think, I don't know, maybe at the time I kind of loved the rebelliousness of all of it. How about you, Christopher? What was your favorite?

CHRISTOPHER LUU: I don't know if I have a favorite, but there was a lot of Chuck moments where he was extremely buttoned up and looked like he was going to trade stocks.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: I kind of wonder how I would react if you saw a teenager really dressed like that, on the street, just like a businessman.


CHRISTOPHER LUU: And then suddenly, he was wearing a onesie.


I was just like, whoa, what is going on. So obviously, they needed to show that he was mentally not all there. And the way to do that was to go from Patrick Bateman to a onesie.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: There were so many iconic looks on the show. Let's talk about them. And my personal favorite was when Blair for an Oscar de La Renta red dress in season four while she was in Paris confronting Chuck. And it was red. It was ruffled. It had no straps. It was so glamorous, classic. I feel like it would still probably work on a red carpet today. What about you, Alyssa?

ALYSSA HARDY: One of my favorite looks is Serena's gold cotillion dress that she wears. It's this beautiful, gold, strapless dress. But the dress comes back a couple of seasons later when her cousin-- slash not cousin, who is actually an actress, Ivy Dickens-- wears a similar dress, or the same dress maybe, to impress Dan, because she thinks that Dan would love the dress, because Serena once wore it. It's a very, very chaotic plot that dress gets, and I love it.

CHRISTOPHER LUU: So it wasn't as chaotic, but Serena wore this yellow Ralph Lauren dress that had to cutout, and it was to Bart and Lily's wedding and she was a bridesmaid. And it was with little black gloved. It might have been the beginning of when Blake Lively started to wear her character's clothes in her real life. Like, when she would promote TV shows and movies, she would kind of be in character the entire time.

ALYSSA HARDY: So obviously we loved all the fashion in "Gossip Girl." But what everybody was really there for was the soapy, scandalous nature of the entire show. I love Dan and Blair's relationship, because it is so all over the place. It spans an entire season.

And it starts with Dan knowing so many of her secrets about her pregnancy, and then helping her through a marriage. And then also kind of getting involved-- because he's Gossip Girl-- and so he is making her hate Chuck and making her hate her husband. But at the end, they're really kind of cute together, so I love them.

But I also love when Dan dates Charlie, slash, Ivy Dickens, who is supposed to be Serena's cousin. And he dates her when he thinks she's Serena's cousin, which is kind of awkward. But then eventually a season later, Dan's father ends up with her. And everyone's just like, that's normal and fine. It's very weird and scandalous, as that show is. It's like a soap opera. What about you, Christopher? What are your favorite scandalous moments?

CHRISTOPHER LUU: So it doesn't get more soap opera than people dying, but not really dying.


CHRISTOPHER LUU: [INAUDIBLE] "Gossip Girl" at least twice. So the most memorable one is probably when Bart died, but he didn't die. [LAUGHS] So he comes back after faking his own death only to actually die. [LAUGHS]

And then the second one was probably when Serena "murdered" somebody, but she didn't actually murder somebody. The teamwork that came together when everybody rallied around her to make sure that nothing happened when she basically handed somebody a tray of drugs and the guy passed out. Only we all found out later on that he did not actually die. OK, Sam, what about you?

SAMANTHA SUTTON: I kind of really love when Hilary Duff guest stars on the show and she has a threesome with Dan and Vanessa, which is kind of off-brand, I guess, for Hilary Duff, when you think about it. But it was such a scandalous moment, because then Dan and Vanessa kind of have this moment. And Hilary Duff realizes that he's paying attention more to Vanessa and that whole relationship develops.

And I also, I mean, you just have to talk about how Chuck sells Blair for a hotel-- or trades Blair for a hotel, which is very messed up. And it's to get the hotel. There's some drama happening with his uncle to get the hotel back from his uncle. The uncle is like, well, you got to give me Blair and I'm going to have sex with her. And Blair, I guess, ends up agreeing, but doesn't end up having sex with the uncle. But it creates more of a rift between her and Chuck, and breaks them up. And just a very random, I mean, so terrible for a teen show, but kept us hooked, I guess.

ALYSSA HARDY: Yeah, I think of course, there was the scandalous scenes. But then there's also the scenes that just kind of like stick with you and you remember them. And for me, again, apparently I loved Dan so much, because my memorable scene is when Blair and Dan are together-- As I said, I love them-- and they have the salon, because they're trying to introduce themselves as this intellectual couple of the Upper East Side and of Brooklyn. How scandalous.

And they try to invite people who aren't the other "Gossip Girl" characters, aren't the people from their high school. And what ends up happening is that they all show up and chaos ensues. And we find out who Chuck's mom is and we find out who Charlie is. It's an amazing scene. Do you guys have scenes that stick out to you like that?

CHRISTOPHER LUU: The most ridiculous scene to me is when Blair and Chuck, the king and queen of over-the-top gestures on the show, they [? put ?] [? off ?] for 100th time and Blair has an ultimatum for Chuck. And she says, three words, eight letters. And like, viewers have to remember they are teenagers. [LAUGHS]


And she's just asking him to say, I love you. And he can't do it.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: And before they actually really got together the memorable scene for me is also trying to wrap my head around how they're teenagers when Chuck has that burlesque club and then Blair gets up on stage and does sort of a strip tease. And she is literally like a sophomore or something, but it's-- and he's very attracted to her after that and it kind of sparked, I guess, their whole relationship. It's like cute, but then you remember their ages and then you're like, OK, nevermind. [LAUGHS]


CHRISTOPHER LUU: Obviously, there's a lot of reasons that we all love the original "Gossip Girl." But there's a new one coming out now on HBO and it should be even better, because all the things we noticed about the old "Gossip Girl" are changing. Mainly, the cast is going to be more diverse. So there are going to be people of color and there's going to be, apparently, an LGBTQ storylines in the new one. So it'll be more inclusive and it should be more reflective of the values that we have now that it's 2021.

ALYSSA HARDY: Also we have seen some clips and some photos from the new set, and it's a lot of really exciting fashion and style. Obviously, Sam, you've talked a lot about it. The Stuart Weitzman boots. There's lots of things.

SAMANTHA SUTTON: I think it's the same costume designer, Eric Daman is his name. And he's coming back. We're going to expect some more uniforms. I guess, maybe, will really will be wearing some cute, structured style, being inspired by them once again.

So I am very curious to see how audiences accept this "Gossip Girl" and if it will be as successful as the original, because people really hold the original close to their heart, and it influenced so many people's lives, and had such an impact on people. And I'm curious to see how it performs, really. And for a new generation if they're really going to have the same reaction as we had to the original.

ALYSSA HARDY: If none of the characters come back, I'm OK with that. We put those characters to bed and I understand that the actors are ready to let go of them too. I think it's just, for me, "Gossip Girl" was always just like this really fun escape.

It was so different from my own life. And it had fashion, and had all of these things that I really loved, and it was just something easy to watch. As ridiculous as it was, it was a way for me to get out of my own. head. And I think, that's something that people really need right now, especially young people. And the cast seems really great. All of them do. And so I think I'm excited to see it. I'm cautiously optimistic.

CHRISTOPHER LUU: The original "Gossip Girl" focused so much on people on their phones and social media, and how that interacted with everyday life. Now that we literally all live on our phones, it's going to be cool to see how they do that on the show. I just can't wait. When that first episode airs and we hear that voice say, you know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl. And you get all tingly, that's going to be everything.


SAMANTHA SUTTON: With that being said, there's only one thing left to say. You know you love me!





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ALYSSA HARDY: Gossip Girl.