InStyle Editors On: Taurus Season

They might be hard-headed, but they’ll always be your fave Netflix and chill companion.

Video Transcript

MARESSA BROWN: Annually, roughly between April 20 and May 20, the sun moves through the second sign of the zodiac, which is Taurus, represented by the bull.


And as the sun slips into Taurus, we're reminded to slow down, to embrace mindfulness, and to do our best to take in the simple, joyful pleasures of life. Which might include just hanging out in nature, going on a picnic, spending time with loved ones.

This urge to take it easy kind of goes hand-in-hand with the energy of Taurus, which is an earth sign. And it's associated with life's simplest pleasures and gravitating to all things aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and sensual.

A lot of these themes stem from its ruling planet, which is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money. Giving their ruling planet is pleasure-seeking Venus, Taurus tends to appreciate or throw themselves into everything artistic-- music, dance, theater, art of all kinds.

That said, they are one of the fixed signs. So they tend to be the most stubborn of all of the earth signs. They will exhibit this trait by really digging in their heels in.

This can be very positive, actually, in that they can be very rocksteady, achievement-oriented, resolute when they make up their minds and will follow through on something when they are determined to accomplish a goal. But they can also get locked into a set pattern of behavior, or a certain perspective, which means it can be tough for them to switch it up.

As far as who's most compatible with Taurus, we tend to look at signs who are the same element as being the most compatible. So Taurians are classically the most compatible with fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. They all really have this innate appreciation for keeping it real.

Earth is also traditionally compatible with water. So a Taurus will get along pretty well with a Cancer. Both really love to get cozy at home. Also, with Pisces and Scorpios. However, it is important to note that Scorpio is opposite Taurus, so it can be, like, kind of a love or hate situation there.

They generally do the best, though, with a pragmatic, thoughtful Virgo, home-loving, money-conscious Cancer, or industrious and tradition-minded Capricorn. As far as who they're least compatible with, we would look at the other fixed signs. So again, with Scorpio, which is also fixed, fixed water, they might have a little bit of trouble, because they're both really stubborn in their own unique way. [CHUCKLES]

So if two partners or, you know, friends or business partners, colleagues, are just hell-bent on digging their heels in, it just might-- they might not really get anywhere together. Taurus is also square, which is the most tense, difficult angle that two signs can be to one another-- fixed fire sign Leo and fixed air sign Aquarius.

Ultimately, Taurus season is such a great time to slow down and embrace your sensual side. You might find that the benefit of digging in really works for you. If you want to resolve to follow through on a big project, or just recommit to chilling out and prioritizing self-care, those are lessons that you can learn from Taurus. You might also decide to bolster your sense of security and go for whatever new moneymaking effort is on the horizon, just like the Venus-ruled bull.