Instantly Take Years Off Your Face With These 7 Tricks


Look fresh faced and fab with bold brows. (Photo: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA/REX Shutterstock)

Growing older is inevitable, but looking older than your years isn’t. While you may be investing in anti-aging moisturizers, expensive eye creams, and dermatology treatments intended to keep you fresh faced, you may be sabotaging yourself with daily beauty habits that are adding years. Makeup artist Louanna Factora of Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge spoke with Yahoo Beauty about easy ways to instantly create a youthful appearance with a few simple changes.

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Avoid applying foundation with your fingers

No matter how old you are, there’s nothing more distressing to your facial features than cakey foundation. Prevent foundation from setting in any wrinkles (which makes them more visible) by applying only a thin layer using a brush or a beauty blender, says Louanna. Also, keep in mind that powder foundations are the worst offenders when it comes to caking into any obvious crevices, so stick with a radiance-based, light-coverage liquid foundation.

Stay away from shimmery shadows

“Powder, matte eye shadows will lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the eyes, while shimmer or any sparkle eye shadows have a tendency to enhance wrinkles,” says Louanna. Choose shadows with a satiny feel to avoid enhancing any visible crow’s-feet.

Get some color

A tan, dewy complexion will instantly hide dull skin, making you look much younger and vibrant. Fake a faux-glow with an at-home self-tanner like the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster ($30) for easy application and an immediate afterglow.

Don’t use matte lipstick

Matte lipstick can be gorgeous and chic on a lot of people. However, the dry formula has the tendency to set into the cracks on lips, accentuating fine lines. So, unless your pucker is still smooth and wrinkle-free, opt for a glossier formula when applying a lip color.

Flash a bright smile

Bright white teeth are notoriously a sign of youth, so it’s important to take good care of them. We love Colgate Optic White High Impact White for its professional-level-strength whitening aspect that’s safe enough for everyday use.

Apply makeup only on hydrated skin

“Always moisturize your skin before applying any makeup,” says Louanna. “Hydrated skin will allow any makeup to look and feel smoother.” A great moisturizer to use before applying makeup is the Eve Lom TLC Cream ($80), which helps brighten mature complexions.

Thicken your brows

Eyebrows may seem like unimportant patches of hair on your face, but the shape and thickness of your brows can really make or break your entire look. The shape accentuates your face, and a thick brow is reminiscent of younger years, so be sure not to over pluck! Only remove hairs that obviously fall outside of the brow line, otherwise the sparse brows will age your face.

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