Curvy Woman Recreates Classic Pinup Cartoons to Face Her Insecurities

Instagrammer re-creates a sexy pinup cartoon from the 1950s.
Instagrammer re-creates a sexy pinup cartoon from the 1950s. (Photo: Instagram/Bunny Lucille)

Bunny Lucille is an Instagrammer who has gained more than 50,000 followers by re-creating Hilda, a pinup cartoon gal from the 1950s. Lucille is bringing to life a fictional character that has helped her overcome her own insecurities.

“Hilda was a curvy, creative, quirky, sexy pinup, from the ’50s who lived her life, like no one was watching,” Lucille tells Yahoo Style. “And if they were, she got over it.”

She adds: “I re-created her because she reminded me so much of me.”

After surviving an abusive childhood and traumatic scarring experiences as an adult, Lucille turned to meditation, affirmations, and mantras. She began to learn how to heal and learned how important, loved, and special she is.

“I went through an intensive training that taught me to make peace with myself, all of myself,” she says. “I felt so strongly that I get to use my voice via a platform, [but] I wasn’t sure how.”

Reenactments of Hilda the Pinup — created by illustrator Duane Bryers — was the platform Lucille chose for her newly found self-love.

“I have to speak up and show others that they can love themselves too,” she tells Yahoo Style. “I got an Instagram account and started posting body-positivity [images]. At first, it was just for myself to assist in my full-circle healing. Then I could see how others benefited from my taking a stand.”

She feels a special connection to Hilda’s creator, Bryers.

“He was a man who created a cartoon curvy pinup, of a down-to-earth, clumsy, happy-as-a-clam woman,” she says, “He showed us what he felt was sexy. I celebrate this because a lot of women worry about what others think, but Duane Bryers is saying ‘you’re your sexiest when you own all of who you are.'”

Her followers seem to enjoy and support Lucille’s pinup renditions.

One commenter wrote, “One Beautiful Lady and a fabulous picture as well. Lovely Smile.” Another commenter added, “I just wanted to stop by your page and say you did a really good job! As a fan of these types of vintage drawings, I loved these!”

On what she wants others to learn from her experiences and realizations: “The more I love myself, the more I love others. The more I accept myself, the more I accept others. That’s what heals this world. First love yourself, then see how you see others. It has changed my perspective toward my fellow women and mankind.”

Lucille also enters pinup competitions in her free time. “Competing teaches me further to love me, whether I win or not. It assists me to be more and more comfortable with my beautiful body,” she says.

“Tell yourself the truth — you’re beautiful,” she says. “That’s it. Living small doesn’t serve anybody, least of all you.”

She adds: “I challenge [others] to discover yourself. Date yourself. Travel. Find something beautiful about yourself — you’ve got something — and celebrate it. The key to happiness is gratitude.”

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